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VGA 2012 Rundown

The 10th annual VGA (Video Game Awards) was last night on the 7th and it had some interesting events going on and plenty of surprises too! This year had something pretty cool, if you viewed it on your XBOX 360 there were polls that allowed you to vote on things for Samuel L. Jackson, the … Continue reading

An Indie Developer’s Best Friend

I have touched a little bit on game development and was even part of a small team that was working on a game to be released and the biggest reason for that project’s failure seemed to be the lack of artistry and ability to get good and detailed sprites into the game. This I’m sure … Continue reading

Fact or Oh Man I Wish it Was Factual!

Veronica Belmont has been a face among techies and gamers for quite some time now. You might know her from Sony’s Qore service┬áthat was provided on your PS3 or her own show The Sword and Laser or perhaps on Tekzilla featured on Revision3. As of now and every Tuesday around 12pm Pacific Time you will … Continue reading

Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Confirmation

Nobody expects the Chantry Inquisition! That is definitely going to be my catch phrase when referring to this game… BioWare surprised everyone today with a press release confirming Dragon Age 3 Inquisition. Not much has been said today, besides some confirmation and information on the Executive Producer behind the project, Mark Darrah. He addressed the … Continue reading

How Insomniac is Fusing Their Games

So back during E3 2011 when Insomniac unveiled a brand new IP which seemed a little bit like a real person version of Ratchet and Clank, they have since then done a whole big makeover of the game. Including changing the name to Fuse. While the main premise of the game is still intact, such … Continue reading

Plantronics Commands Dominance in Headset Market

Plantronics GameCom Commander So let’s just start off saying that this is one hell of a headset. The Commander has a unique design and amazing specs that gives you an extra edge in communication. In the heat of an online match perfect communication is key for your team to successfully accomplish its mission. This headset … Continue reading

The Compilation of QuakeCon 2012

QuakeCon is a special kind of convention. One of the only free general admission conventions around and home to the famous BYOC event they host every year. QuakeCon originally started as a small handful of people meeting up and playing Quake and such together by hooking up their PCs to one another. Then… it grew… … Continue reading

A Virtually Amazing Experience

As a kid I kinda dabbled with virtual reality headsets and other virtual experiences, but it wasn’t really what I expected and wanted out of a VR experience. So I, like pretty much everyone else, left VR alone for a while until we believed we were ready to come back to it. Well ladies and … Continue reading

Speaking Dishonored With Harvey Smith

Q&A With Harvey Smith I got some time while at QuakeCon 2012 to speak with Harvey Smith who is the Co-Creative Director of Dishonored and works at Arkane Studios. I was able to play a full level of the game during the first day of QuakeCon and I was very impressed by it, you can … Continue reading

Getting Hands-On With Dishonored

Day 1 of QuakeCon 2012 and they had a demo station of Dishonored for PS3 with my name all on it! I have been very excited about this game and so I made sure I took my time with this game. I had time to beat it 1 and a half times. Now if you … Continue reading

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