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Halo 4 Announcement at Microsoft’s Spring Conference

Last week there was a preview of the behind the scenes for Halo 4, and it is looking pretty great. The team at 343 Industries is really trying their best to make their game the best experience possible and keeping true to the Halo legacy. With the brand new developers behind the wheel they are wanting to do something fresh and new with the game by working basically from the ground up. Also they wish to somehow combine the multiplayer and campaign into a cohesive entity.

This time around the multiplayer maps are not just pieces of the campaign with people to hop in. Instead it is a multiplayer designed map, enhanced for competitive gameplay. The two maps so far announced are Wraparound and Warhouse; both maps will be providing specialized features and environments.

Another augment to the multiplayer will be the character customization. They felt the armor modifications seen in Halo: Reach was simply not enough to give the players their own unique experience, so look out for extremely different Spartan IVs running around. Oh yeah, there are Spartan IVs now and they are far superior to any other Spartan before and will be available in your multiplayer experience. My personal assumption of what they’re doing is similar to what Mass Effect 3 is doing, with your multiplayer experience and characters appearing in the campaign during your quest to save the galaxy. Although that is my current speculation and has not been confirmed… I think it would be awesome.

For the campaign they are also going to go through more of the background of Master Chief and get inside his head. For those fans who have read the books and gotten a lot of backstory from other forms of media, you will know pretty much everything that is going to be discussed for Master Chief. This is mainly for those who have never gone more than the games and to clearly state it in the game for story sake. Also expect a whole new enemy that nobody has seen yet, which details I’m sure will be later.


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