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Hitman’s Clever Tease

It was yesterday when they teased this image as seen about the new Hitman: Absolution game. I, along with pretty much everyone else thought it could easily be a multiplayer game. Even a writer from Kotaku, Mike Fahey, thought the same and went out and said this,

“Could Hitman: Absolution feature the world’s first nun-based online multiplayer? God I hope so.

Some sort of multiplayer reveal is what’s expected, but really there could be any number of explanation as to why Square Enix is rolling out nuns in high heels so late in the game. Perhaps it’s a new co-op mode aimed as emasculating make players as effectively as possible.”

-Mike Fahey from Kotaku

Which if you look, and think about how the industry has shifted with single player games adding on multiplayer add-ons with such franchises as Assassin’s Creed, God of War, Dead Space, and many many more. It only made sense that it was multiplayer. However, we all who though multiplayer were dead wrong… just as dead as those nuns will be after you watch the trailer they released. I am in no way disappointed everyone was wrong. In fact, I am extremely happy. While they could easily pull off something similar to Assassin’s Creed’s multiplayer experience I just felt that it wouldn’t be good for this individual title. Seeing as Hitman: Absolution is a game that is very detailed about Agent 47’s story and how he deals personally with his whole situation of being hunted and betrayed.

This trailer was shown mainly to set the tone of what to expect in the game. A bloodied and injured Agent 47 who is still able to get the job done while being hunted by the ICA. His hotel gets exploded by a RPG and still manages to sneak up on the group of nuns and silently assassinate multiple nuns and then when he chooses to be discovered he violently and gracefully manages to kill them all. A knife wound to the back in the middle of the battle didn’t stop him. I doubt anything can stop Agent 47 on his trip for absolution. Check out the trailer below and become amazed at his skill and get excited for more information about the game next week at E3.


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