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GameTrailers TV E3 Pre-Show

Late last night was the showing of a couple world premiers of video games before E3 starts. So here is a brief rundown of everything announced and what to expect more from later on in the conference.

First off was the official announcement of Star Wars 1313 (for full details read here). They showed Geoff Keighley going through the studio and talking to a few members of the development team. Showing off some bits and pieces of the game. No confirmation on any part of the storyline, but confirmed it is on Coruscant’s underground named Level 1313 and you’ll be playing as some bounty hunter. One thing that was implied is that you may be spending some time in space ships as well. It simply showed the bad guys zip lining into a space ship (assuming they were chasing you and/or you chasing them). So pretty much just speculation right now.

Next up is Guardians of Middle Earth, which is a Lord of the Rings game featuring up to 5 on 5 combat. It looks like you’ll choose 1 of 10 known people in the universe such as Legolas or Gandalf and duke it out between the factions of well good and evil. It will be coming out this fall and on XBLA and PSN.

Following this was more information on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance with a new trailer. The trailer shows off some very Devil May Cry style gameplay and some more depth of story. The beginning of the trailer shows a little Raiden walking and then transforms into the normal one so I’m assuming this means you’ll explore Raiden’s past and how he got involved with cybernetics. The story will definitely be the same as all the other Metal Gear games, but the gameplay will be different. Not in a bad way… just different. See for yourselves.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 will explore a dark and brutal world in which Gabriel explores a more vampiric presence and embraces it. I unfortunately am unfamiliar with the Castlevania lore, but it seems as if Gabriel has become that which he fought against and now faces someone he was familiar with. Also another speculation is that Gabriel might be the bad guy and not the good guy this time around. Similar to the Prototype 2 storyline where the original game’s protagonist became the antagonist. Regardless expect epic battles and big boss battles.

Now I’ve seen Dishonored personally before at QuakeCon 2011 and I can tell you… it is absolutely awesome. It has a lot of potential to go into what made games like Assassin’s Creed, BioShock, and Hitman amazing. This game takes you into an extremely dark and gloomy section of an alternate universe of London. Using a combination of your parkour skills, sneaking skills, weapon skills, and supernatural abilities you will go through this multiple parts of this city and assassinate key members of the government to try and set things right and most of all get your revenge.

The last part of the show had a Tomb Raider gameplay trailer. Exploring the level shown off in previous trailers and a bit more as well. Lara Croft, or any character for that matter, has never been beaten up so badly and had so many things go wrong. Try to strangle free from a cocoon type hold? Burn yourself and fall onto a steel pike. Try to rescue friend who was captured? Walk into a bear trap and let him get away. The list goes on… so you can honestly expect a whole bunch of brutal scenes involving Lara as she struggles to get off an island and rescue some of her friends while doing so. She might even find some treasure while she’s at it. Also the official release date is now March 5, 2013.


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