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Konami Pre-E3 Show 2012

Konami isn’t a huge studio so they don’t get their own major conference at E3 like Ubisoft and EA, but it doesn’t mean they have any less anticipated titles coming out than those companies. Konami started the tradition last year that they’d do a Pre-Show to announce everything and then go into more detail through the actual conference. So this will be a run down of what happened in their show. Also at the bottom of this page you can watch the whole conference as well.

Konami has partnered with Zynga to work on social and mobile games and have plenty of stuff going on. With already released titles such as Frogger Pinball and Twilight Carnival for Facebook and Frogger Classic for the Chrome Store, along with Frogger Pinball also featured on iOS and a spin-off coming soon named Frogger Frenzy. They have a lot of unannounced products as well, but they’re hoping people will be excited. It only takes them about 6 months to produce a social game, but the biggest task comes after the game is launched.

Pro Evolution Soccer is the only soccer game that stands a chance against EA’s FIFA series and Konami does a pretty darn good job with PES. This time around they will be focusing on player individuality and full control over the ball. For more player individuality they decided to widen their motion captures to a variety of top players and some fresh and young players as well. This will allow of unique animations of players to make it seem like there actually are unique players running around on the field and not just one guy copied a hundred times. For adding full control over the ball handling, they’ve added a new dribble system with improved ball handling in tight spaces. You can now pass with a low fast pass or a high slow pass, allowing you to choose which is best in certain situations. They have a new system called “dynamic first touch” which allows players to handle the ball in mid-air and performing actions such as tossing the ball overhead or simply kicking it. Another improvement is the addition of a new “response defense” system where you have more control of when you want to tackle a player and you can even intentionally foul a player (this may end be abused for entertainment than for legitimate reasons). The AI in the game also has gotten smarter in the defense area especially. The goal keeper has new reactions he can make and can make more decisions during the game. The team is also tweaking myPES social aspect as well and is trying to get a demo together.

Zone of the Enders was inspired by the old Japanese robot anime shows, but Kojima wanted the robots in ZOE to move more freely and naturally unlike the normal idea of robots as clunky and slow moving. The HD collection coming out in the holiday season will be remastering the 2 original games from the PS2 and will focus on the robot details and interface. They’ve also added a new opening cinematic that has been redone with modern technology and captures the ZOE essence and action sequences.

This year also commemorates the Metal Gear franchise’s 25th anniversary. Hideo Kojima birthed Metal Gear from an idea of doing something different from what was out there so he focused on a game based on sneaking around and tactics. We’ve seen Solid Snake go through a large evolution through these 25 years as well. Starting as a 2D pixelation with no voice acting to a 3D rendering of an old man with wrinkles and movable limbs with voice acting and cutscenes. That is a definite large gap to be made for a character. Kojima kept with Metal Gear so long, because he foresaw the drastic evolution of video games and wanted to see his story play out in the best way possible. You can also see Metal Gear Solid at the Smithsonian at the Video Game Museum in Washington DC, USA and Kojima is very grateful his game was chosen and would he loves the fans who made it possible to be there. Kojima hopes that more people can get a chance to experience Metal Gear Solid games and with the re-release of the Metal Gear Solid HD collection on consoles and PSVita. He closes by saying he is very excited to show off his Fox Engine that he has been working on (as seen below) and says to look out for more information on it later.

A screenshot of Kojima’s new Fox Engine.

Next item on the list is talk about Metal Gear Rising’s main character, Raiden. He has always been a really cool character with awesome action sequences, but never have we played as him before. So after a universal cry to play as Raiden, they believed they should finally give their fans a chance too and they felt the best people to deliver the best action experience would be Platinum Games. They are the ones who developed Bayonetta and Devil May Cry, so they know how to do excellent action series and they feel they are the best ones out there.

Inside MGR you have complete control over your katana and you have the ability to slash through background objects such as pillars and even aim your sword in whichever direction you wish. Raiden will have a few other skills such as the “ninja run” which allows you to run farther and higher than possible and can be used as an attack as well. If you’re worried about weapon variety then don’t worry, they showed off some other weapons other than the katana that are at Raiden’s disposal. In terms of story there will be a large focus on cyborgs and your battle among them. Raiden also has a very dark past and is haunted by guilt so expect the same level of story as the other metal gear games, but also expect a bunch of action with it.

On a bit of a silly note, they had a little short done by mega64 about Raiden job hunting and it starts at the 23:04 time marker on the video below if you wish to watch. Also announced was an extended E3 demo that is going to be bundled with the Zone of the Enders HD Collection that releases this Holiday season.

The final part of the show was a slow paced teaser trailer of Castlevania coming to the 3DS and that more information will be released on June 5th. Make sure to check out konami.com throughout this next week for more info on their games.


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