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EA E3 Press Conference

So as an overall the conference was good and had a lot of stuff to talk about. With not hardware or anything it was just pure games consistently. A lot of great games were talked about, but what I’m disappointed about from EA is the lack of Dragon Age from the conference. I was definitely expecting them to talk about it this year and hopefully I don’t have to wait until E3 2013 for Dragon Age 3. Also the other weird factor was that they featured 2 games that had already been released and just talked about some additional content for the game which is unusual to say the least.

It was leaked a few days ago and officially confirmed from EA that there was going to be a Dead Space 3 and they showed off some footage finally of the event. The biggest addition making its way to Dead Space 3 will be drop in and drop out Co-op gameplay and that is what they demoed today. It was a single level of you and a teammate holding your own against an odd enemy… a giant drill that was out of control… So I guess the environment may be out to get you as well. Anyways, the necromorphs are back and they were swarming you as you tried to stop the drill. They had some familiar faces and some new ones as well. Also you will be encountering another group of humans as well as they try to prevent you from doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Also the trailer ended with you about to be digested in a giant monster and swimming around in its bladder. Totally awesome and intense and coming out February 2013.

Madden is released every year and each time they improve a little bit of something. This time they improve the game engine vastly. With their new Infinity Engine the physics are so much more real and the animations of the characters are nearly endless (hence the infinity part to the name). Each tackle and motion can be unique and will not feature a unique set of actions. The only drawback to this is that the possibilities are nearly endless and thus the possibilities for bugs and graphical mishaps to happen are significantly increased. As in you may just happen to go through somebody or your arm may fly off… you know the usual bugs. However none of that has been seen yet and I am just speculating. The game will also take into consideration the player’s physical attributes such as smaller guys will have trouble with the bigger guys and a player who is sort of tackled can regain balance and continue on versus in the old days when you start to get tackled, that was ultimately the end. The Connected Careers is a new social aspect to Madden and will show your path to the Hall of Fame as you gain experience through playing and use the experience for your character’s progression. Madden honestly changed the game this time around and for you football fans, you should be excited.

The return of Sim City brought about Sim City Social as well so that Facebook users can enjoy the best kind of simulation game possible. They dish out a few low blows to games like Farmville as they boast they their game will be what people have been wanting. Honestly, I do believe them because they’ve been doing it much longer than the competition. The biggest thing though is the revolutionary Sim City remake where it features a new engine, the Glass Box Simulation Engine, and it will be awesome. Maxis is even adding multiplayer support for the very first time as you can compete among the other users and have your actions in your city affect other cities as well. Expect to build your own city in February 2013.

Battlefield 3 makes a return at E3 with talk about the new Battlefield 3 Premium which is similar to the Call of Duty Elite service. This will allow you to have access to all the map packs which will include new weapons, vehicles, dog tags, and maps for you to play. It is available today at $49.99 and will have DLC 2 weeks early on PS3 versions. There will be a total of 4 more map packs coming out over 9 months and they’ll be called: Close Quarters, Armored Kill, Aftermath, and End Game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic was a huge initial success and a major initiative for EA and BioWare. Since the release they’ve had a large community event and 2 huge updates that greatly enhance content in the game and they have much more planned for this year. Including having the game be free-to-play up to level 15 starting in July and a slew of new content. Expect to be on a new planet called Makeb, play as a new species called Cathar, have a new somewhat familiar companion named HK-51, a new unspecified level cap, some new class skills, the Ancient Hypergates Warzone, and the missions Space Station Assault (flying) and Terror From Beyond (ground). Yeah they got a whole lot of stuff going on so make sure you pick up the game and play! Or wait until July to play for free (sort of)!

The Medal of Honor reboot did exceptionally well in my books and it appears as if Warfighter will do even better. With a global storyline connecting real world missions/events to every mission in the game and featuring about a dozen different military groups across multiple countries. A new and unique gameplay method has been added whenever you bust through a door as well. It allows you have options as to how you chose to open the door and even have a display of how many people are in the room and a timer for the slo-mo that also indicates if you’ve killed everyone. I thought it was pretty neat to see that implemented into a game, because even though it is a realistic game it is still a game and it can do whatever it wants with how you play it. I liked the little remote controlled tank type thing with a mounted machine gun and cannon. It seems like that will be a fun toy to play around with in the game.

Soccer is the world sport and it shows in their games, so when EA made Football Club it connected over 11 million people around the world to their favorite sport. With FIFA 13 coming out it will only grow and enhance the program. Also with FIFA 13 there will be bonuses for those who carry over a save file from FIFA 12 such as your stats and extra money to purchase in game goods. Lionel Messi is also going to be the cover for this year’s FIFA 13 and is the inspiration for the gameplay changes that they made to the game.

EA also wanted to announce a very special partnership today. They will be partnering with UFC and will more than likely be bring better and more official UFC games under the EA brand. So say goodbye to EA MMA and THQ’s UFC Undisputed as EA now has the official backing for the sport. Being top dog publisher has its advantages, but I feel bad for THQ since that was one of the things that kept them alive.

Now there hasn’t been a true open world racing game since Need For Speed: Carbon until now where EA is bringing back the Most Wanted series with a hardcore revamp. I am extremely stoked for this game and don’t believe there will be a racing game to rival its action and level of fun. They are also adding the addition of trucks in the game as one appeared in the trailer, but how extensive the trucks will go is undetermined. One key thing to note about Most Wanted is that even if you finish a race you can’t stop racing, because in Most Wanted the cops are constantly out looking for you and won’t stop easily. There is also going to be a feature similar to a kill cam by panning and slowing down time temporarily so that you may look at the wreckage you caused whenever you knock a car out. Expect to be racing on the open road October 30th, 2012.

The original Crysis was known for how much it pushed the limits on your hardware to give you an amazing experience and it looks like Crysis 3 will be doing some similar things to your hardware as well. With some stunning visuals coupled with quick and fluid gameplay, this game is certainly going to be fun to play. I noticed that the game was moving very quickly and not like a normal human being would move. This is because of the nano suit, but even Master Chief from Halo moves similar to a normal human. My point is that they aren’t going to realism with Crysis so don’t expect it. This is another game that will be taking advantage of the stealth benefits of a crossbow as you can bring down a helicopter with it. Crysis will be landing in February of 2013 as well.

So one thing I noticed is that they are aiming for Fall and Spring releases, but putting everything so close could hurt themselves… even though they are different genres a gamer has to make a decision which game to buy regardless. Also NBA Live 13 was absent, besides a swift mention of it, which is important for them to push if they want to compete with NBA 2K by 2K Sports. They also had nothing super new to announce other than the UFC partnership. So decent conference overall, but I’m mainly upset that there was no Dragon Age 3.


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