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Mass Effect Extended Cut

For those of you who have played Mass Effect 3 and experienced the end to the trilogy you are finally getting what you had expected… hopefully. On June 26th there will be the release of the Mass Effect Extended Cut DLC for free across all platforms. The extended version will not feature new gameplay modes to go through, but instead just cinematic sequences and dialogue to explore. The article below will feature some spoilers and such so don’t move on if you haven’t played it yet. Although here is a video of the interview with Casey Hudson, Mac Walters, and Jessica Merizan over the extended cut (the video is actually just the image with the audio from the interview).

So after defeating the Reapers and getting up on the Citadel to learn about the importance of the Reapers and kind of makes you wonder which choice is best. The true or cannon ending would be the destruction of all synthetic life, but I personally felt the best answer would be the blending of all organic and synthetic life. The controlling the Reapers ending would just allow for the cycle to keep on going until this happened again eventually so in my opinion that was the worst ending. One very interesting opinion would be the Indoctrination Theory which basically explained the ending to be a complete lie and totally part of your imagination. As the “good” true ending was displayed as red which is the color of renegade options and the “evil” ending was displayed as blue which is the color of paragon actions. Also explains why some party members which were assumed dead that then appeared on the end scene with the Normandy on the new planet and all. Basically it was difficult to grasp what the intention was with the writers and directors and combined with people from the internet thinking too hard and assuming too many things about what happened it essentially spun out of control.

I had avoided reading the spoliers and hearing about what happened with the ending, but honestly it was tough not getting some clue of what to expect. This gave me, and probably everyone who was playing the game, a certain expectation that the ending would be mysterious and “shitty” and altered how players would see the ending. Kind of like going to the movies after someone was like, “Man that was the coolest movie ever! But… it ended totally weird and said nothing about the importance of the movie.” Which makes you think, “Well if the movie ended weird should I see it? I wonder what he meant by that?” Then as you get to the ending you try to see what he saw and maybe you’ll see what he saw versus you having your own unique opinion.

It kind of makes you wonder what if we didn’t do patches/DLC and what if we weren’t connected by the internet to read the spoilers? Would we all have played the game and then got with our friends in person and been like DUDE! DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED IN MASS EFFECT 3 ENDING! I think it would have been an entirely different experience in whole. Who knows what would have come out of the game then… But what is done is done and I know for one that I’m going to be playing through the ending a few different times so that I can see the endings my own way. I hope you all do the same. Enjoy beating Mass Effect 3 again!


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