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The COMPLETE Compilation of RTX 2012

That’s right guys this is basically everything about RTX in this one post. So be prepared to have your mind thoroughly blown and socks rocked. For detailed information on the panels and interviews among other things please click the links provided in this article or look under the top stories on the main page. I had a blast at the event and cannot wait for next year!!

So the convention was packed with about 4,000 attendees and most of which were always around… all the time. Which made for some frustrating times when you were in line with about 100 other people almost everywhere you went. Which isn’t incredibly uncommon with conventions so nothing against RTX for this, but just stating it was pretty full. Although what do you expect when you provide amazing panels, engaging exhibitors, and just being totally fucking awesome. The whole Rooster Teeth crew are very cool and so are the community members, everyone had a good time.

Keynote Presentation

Freddie Wong

Brandon Laatsch

The convention started off with a great keynote by Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch. They started doing some short action films while in college as part of freelance VFX and worked their way up to becoming the YouTube stars that they are. They worked on a couple feature films such as Bear and Dark Island, but those weren’t really too great for them as it didn’t do well and they were paid poorly for it. However they explained something very controversial, piracy. With their release of Bear and Dark Island they were looking for some feedback on the movies about their work and weren’t finding it anywhere. That was… until they looked on the torrent sites where they found their movies across the internet being watched and reviewed on the sites. While the idea is that piracy hurts people who work on movies and such, they were extremely happy to have their movies torrented. Why? Because it showed that someone was watching their movies and more importantly they gave feedback on it as well. They also taught us that their work consists of a lot of “all nighters” as many other occupations do. There was also a hilarious story about how guns bring people together as they were filming on the street and as some thugs came up to intimidate them, they pulled out their prop rocket launcher and showed them it. This then caused a bonding experience between the thugs and the crew and everything went about their normal business. Something else that I took away from it was that YouTube/Internet stars are only really famous to a certain niche and NOBODY else. However, a niche doesn’t mean a small group of people (in number, proportionally it is still small) as they have around 170million views with about 38 thousand coming from China where YouTube is banned and 3 views from North Korea where I imagine internet isn’t just everywhere. So they have a huge viewer base across the world as a niche community. They also gave out a tip to those who do work in their own neighborhood, be good to your neighbors. Having good relations with your neighbors (or at least the police) will allow you to work in peace without fear of being interrupted or dealing with a troublesome situation.

Rooster Teeth Panel Part 1

Elijah Wood making a guest appearance at the panel. The voice of Sigma in RvB.

Directly after this was the first panel with the RvB crew where they had a few surprises in store for us. So the first surprise in store for us was the showing of Episode 6 of Season 10 for Red Vs. Blue which is available for you all to watch now. Now the cool thing about Episode 6 was that it formally introduced Sigma, the AI originally given to Carolina but given to Maine (the META). Which they announced formally as well that the voice actor for Sigma will be non other than Elijah Wood, famous for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy as Frodo. Needless to say, the crowd went wild when they realized he was coming out on stage. Other than that they did some Q&A which the main points from that will be displayed below:

-The Breakroom, which is an animated series by Rooster Teeth in which it is the place where video game characters go to relax, will still be in the works regardless of the upcoming release of Wreck-It-Ralph.

-There will be more video podcasts coming out, but Gus is a little bit busy at the moment (he organized RTX).

-What is “The Hand”? A super special admin account on the RT website in which can basically made to abuse trolls so that the cast won’t have those comments/actions on their personal accounts. It can also “muzzle” the members which allows for the member to do everything as normal, but nobody can see anything that he does. Kind of the best payback for a troll.

-Do you want to work with Freddie Wong? They’d love to be able to do that.

-How did RT start to make money? They simply put a PayPal button on the site and asked people to donate if they cared to help them out.

-Geoff’s Achievement Hunter series is taking away from doing the podcasts. Mainly because of the fact that he has 8 employees to manage. To put that into perspective, RvB had less members during the first 6 years of production.

-The biggest problem with expansion in the RT office? The number of available bathrooms.

-Will you shoot in the Halo 4 engine when it comes out? Not right away, they made that mistake when Halo 2 came out and it caused a lot of issues with the show as they were not familiar with the engine then. They didn’t use the Halo 3 engine until months after it came out.

-Who is Matt Hullum’s favorite voice on the show? Vic, who is oddly enough based on a real guy named Victor who was pretty much the same way as Vic in the show.

-How did Elijah Wood get involved with RvB? Well for one, Elijah is a bit of a gamer and actually knew someone who knew Burnie and they got working together through that.

Halo 4 Panel

As there is a full detailed article about the panel and my hands on experience with it here I will not talk too much about it. Basically Forge World is getting a HUGE overhaul complete with multiple new and useful features. Certain Affinity is also going to be a part of the development process as well and they unveiled 2 new multiplayer gameplay modes such as Regicide and Infinity Slayer.

Interview with Burnie Burns

So while I was at the expo I got a few moments with Burnie who is the CEO of Rooster Teeth and the voice of Church on Red Vs. Blue. I kind of picked his brain about a few things about RTX and a couple other things related to the show. I do have the full video footage from the interview and it is up for you all to watch. I found out from him that there will be an Immersion Season 2 coming out and that what he wants to have happen at RTX is that the YouTube community (who are not gamers) to get involved with the gaming community and mix it up, because the gaming community is the most loyal and dedicated audience out there (which you all really are). So make sure to check out the video below for the full interview details! *Note*The video audio is a little low so I’m sorry, but please turn up your volume to watch it. Thanks!

The Shoot for Day 5

So they had announced that there was going to be a tradition of calling the help of the RTX community to become extras in their new live actions series, Day 5. So at 6:15 am they had about 1,500 people on Congress Ave. between 6th and 11th Street. It was a very cool thing to be a part of and the shot they took turned out great! It took about 2 hours of practice and recording multiple takes, but they finally got it. A brief rundown of the story on Day 5 before you watch the clip is that basically people are falling asleep and dying. However, there is this one guy, who is played by Joel Heyman, who is still awake as of the fifth day (hence Day 5 as the name) and he begins to hallucinate and see people still alive (which is where the extras come in). Nothing more about the story or anything else is revealed as of yet. Rooster Teeth should be revealing footage of Day 5 in time so be patient!

Rooster Teeth Panel Part 2

The second panel didn’t have any awesome surprises. It mainly consisted of hilarious ramblings of the cast of Red Vs. Blue and the Q&A that went on between it all.

-They are going to try to do more short series versus individual shorts. This allows for a more complete thought in the episodes and better content.

-How to work at RT? They said that they hire most of their crew from people they see on YouTube being awesome or members from their community. So just be active and if you’re good at something and you’re needed, they’ll hire you.

-How has the implementation of animation versus machinima changed production times? Basically a machinima project such as one episode of RvB CAN be done in a few hours (if things go quickly and correctly). While the animation needs to be planned out and takes much longer to be completed. Also the animation is harder to change last minute.

-Why add another writer to Season 10? Burnie mostly wanted to be able to do other things as well as RvB and it has always been that the characters only use the “script” as more of a guideline than anything.

-Apparently they all love each other and Gus and Geoff kissed?

-For the whole team to be dedicated solely to RvB and RT it took about 1-3 years. Gus started off as the only one not working another job, then Geoff quit his later on, and then it trickled down the line.

-They will make it a tradition to have a community shot (like they did for Day 5) each year at RTX. So if you want to be a part of their stuff, then go to RTX!

-Immersion Season 2 will be coming out later this year.

The Making of a Rooster Teeth Community Event

This panel was largely for those who want to know how to run their own event like RTX and such. I have full details on all their juicy tips and tricks at the main article for this panel. A basic rundown of the panel is that to run an event you just need a lot of dedicated people who know what they’re doing and have a lot of passion along with a good leader to keep everyone together to.

Interview with Luke McKay from Button Mash Productions

Once again I have full details on Luke McKay, Button Mash, and his comic Balls 2 That on its main article. Luke McKay was doing free drawings for people at the convention as well as selling his work and doing autographs on his work as well. I talked with him briefly over what inspires him and other questions about the company/himself.

The Exhibition Floor Experience

Like I mentioned earlier, there was a total of 4,000 attendees at RTX and the show floor was pretty well packed. With the most people in line to play the Halo 4 multiplayer demo and for autographs from the cast of RvB, it left a lot of the booths open to explore. They had a ton of things to do such as check out the Immersion Museum, consisted of props and objects from the Immersion series, play Halo 4, buy stuff at the RT Store, play The Maw or Gunslinger or Comic Jumper from Twisted Pixel, play around at the Achievement Hunter Lounge, shop at GameOver Video Games, talk to the 501st Legion, play some games with Game Republik, check out Edge of Reality’s new game Loadout, have yourself drawn by Luke McKay at Button Mash Productions, buy a shirt from Glennz Tees or Sanshee, check out Saturn Rising Productions or Motus Digital or Minicore Studios or the IGDA, play Robot Entertainment’s new Orcs Must Die 2!, and buy stuff from Penny Arcade. So like I said… a lot of stuff going on at the convention. I spent a lot of my time on the show floor looking at things and taking pictures. I stood in line for an autograph two separate times and waited for about 40minutes each time before having to leave to go to a panel, so I didn’t really get to meet too many other people than Burnie and Luke. You also occasionally ran into some people dancing randomly as well such as a red and blue Spartan and the guys from Mega 64.

The Freelancer Project

This was the very last panel of RTX 2012. In fact it ran nearly an hour over the scheduled end of RTX so we had some fun with it. It consisted of the ENTIRE Freelancer crew (other than Florida and Georgia of course) and they go as follows: Samantha Ireland – Connecticut “CT”, Kathleen Zuelch – Tex, Shannon McCormick – Washington, Shana Merlin – South Dakota “South”, San Duggan – York, John Erler – North Dakota “North”, Jen Brown – Carolina, Matt Hullum – Wyoming, and John Reed – The Director. Their panel was pretty awesome and it was solely Q&A and ramblings from the panel. Within the Q&A we learned that when characters are in different time periods they do try to change their voice up to make it go along with their character at that particular time. For example Wash is pretty serious and straight forward with the current timeline with the Blood Gultch guys and when he is with the other agents in the past, he is more relaxed and joking. We also learned that Wyoming will have a much larger role in Episode 7 of RvB Season 10 and probably throughout the season. Some personal information about a couple freelancers include Shana and Shannon’s ability to do stand up comedy under the group “Get Up”. Samanatha is working on a few things such as a new webseries called “Once you leave” and a podcast about freeing the squirrels called “Radio City Austin”. Jen is doing another webseries called “Techies” where it goes into detail about the technical perspective of theater.


So that was RTX in a nutshell. I hope you enjoyed hearing about it and I look forward to you all attending it next year! It is definitely worth the trip out to Austin if you’re a fan of the series. Such a great community there in Austin and in general the RT community is a great group of people. I will definitely be attending next year so look out for some new information next year!

Blu-Ray versions of Red Vs. Blue

It was just announced after RTX that Red Vs. Blue will be getting Blu-Ray versions of all 10 seasons! As well as a collective collection of all 10 seasons! So now long term fans or even upcoming fans can get a complete set instead of buying like 2 or 3 box sets and then additional individual DVDs. Now the collection will be called “RVBX: Ten Years of Red vs. Blue” with 14 discs with newly remastered audio, additional videos and mini series, hours of special features interviews, and behind the scenes footage. No release date, but I expect for it to go on sale whenever Season 10 finishes and they plan on releasing it on disc.


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