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Getting Hands-On With Dishonored

Day 1 of QuakeCon 2012 and they had a demo station of Dishonored for PS3 with my name all on it! I have been very excited about this game and so I made sure I took my time with this game. I had time to beat it 1 and a half times. Now if you don’t know about Arkane Studios’ Dishonored then why don’t you stay awhile and listen! It stars this guy Corvo who is now a super awesome assassin in this supernatural 18th century Londonish style world. Now it is a linear story, but within each mission you have free roam in the level to climb around anywhere you’re capable and there are many different ways to get around through the missions.

So anyway a walkthrough of the demo now. I started off in a boat and my objective was to kill this lady who was throwing a ball. So I figured oh that’ll be no problem! Wrong… you have to get past multiple guards and tallboys (sentry units basically) and cross a river before even gaining access to the party. First time through I wanted to see the controls so I did some silly stuff and just started attacking people. Needless to say I died very quickly. Also as a side note…. do not attempt to kill the tallboys with your sword alone… they are very high up and shoot incendiary rounds at you. I learned my lesson to use powers and weapons in combination. After finding my way through the guards finally I got into the party by picking up an invitation off the ground and make my way upstairs to find some clues about my target since she apparently is wearing one of three outfits and you have to deduce which one she is. Now I decided to take a less stealthy action and simply threw a grenade in her bedroom and made the whole party panic. With the panic my target and her two decoys were holed up in a bedroom making the assassination very easy. However, once assassinated you have to escape… that was EXTREMELY HARD!

The whole house was on alert and there were guards in every corridor. Which you might just ask, “Why don’t you use your super awesome powers such as slow time, teleportation, summoning rats, and more to kill everyone?” Well you see there are these enemies called Overseers who happen to take away your ability to use powers by playing what seems to be like the instrument used by the guy from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time who was in the windmill with the Song of Storms deal… in addition to zapping your powers away he also pushes you away and damages you. So take them out quickly if you are able to. After multiple attempts (probably like 10 tries or so) I managed to escape and then simply hauled ass out of there not caring who was trying to kill me.

You might say that I was playing the wrong way as it is a stealthy game, but that is the beauty of Dishonored! It doesn’t matter how you play, because as long as you get the mission done it doesn’t matter the inbetween part. I wanted to prove that with my brash decisions with that playthrough and so on my second playthrough I decided to try being stealthy and witty. I managed to find some power up bonuses, hide a body in a dumpster, posses a rat, and snipe all the initial guards from a rooftop. I also managed to stumble upon the “zombie” hideout that playthrough as well… I say “zombie” because that is what they basically are. They really are just the citizens affected by the plague caused by the rats, but they like to rush towards you and vomit and such on you so stay clear of them. I was also able to find a hidden entrance into the party instead of going through the process of getting an invitation. This is where I stopped, but that playthrough was an entirely different feel than my original and both were a lot of fun to play.

Now this game is rated M and it definitely deserves that rating. Arkane Studios didn’t go easy on the blood and gore at all. I threw a grenade in a group of people and ended up dismembering everyone in the blast and parts flew everywhere. You can also grab individual body parts and throw them around afterwards too. If you want to dispose of the bodies cleanly you can simply summon some rats to come and devour the bodies so that you don’t have to worry about the guards finding them.

Now last year at QuakeCon I got to play a demo of Rage and I managed to find a bug where I went through the level. So this year I thought it’d be funny to do the same thing with Dishonored and… it totally happened to me again! Nothing quite like breaking a game in front of the people who made it! They did assure me that it was a bug that was fixed in a more recent build, but I enjoyed walking through the top of the level for the time being.

That concludes my time with Dishonored for now, but expect it on PS3, XBOX 360, and the PC in October. I recommend you guys checking it out as you’ll play through this supernatural first person stealth action game and enjoy the difficulty and high level of fun associated with this game.


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