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How Insomniac is Fusing Their Games

So back during E3 2011 when Insomniac unveiled a brand new IP which seemed a little bit like a real person version of Ratchet and Clank, they have since then done a whole big makeover of the game. Including changing the name to Fuse. While the main premise of the game is still intact, such that you will be playing as the Overstrike team and going on missions and whatnot, how the game will be played and the mood will be different. Imagine if Resistance and Ratchet and Clank had a baby…. well that’d be Fuse. It has the dark story and realistic world and alien weapons from Resistance, mixed with the co-op gameplay and humor from Ratchet and Clank.

After watching the announcement trailer I can assure you this game means business and as Insomniacs first game with EA this could be groundbreaking. If you remember when BioWare had first signed on with EA they crafted Mass Effect which you know, became one of the greatest RPG series to date. This will be a shooter (trailer doesn’t show 1st or 3rd person gameplay) for sure and looks like it will heavily focus on a team gameplay aspect. You are able to “leap” between your teammates and combine their weapons for some interesting combos. Now these weapons aren’t super special on their own… they’re bringing in the concept of a special alien technology called “Fuse” (hence the name) that allows to enhance weapons and create some powerful weapons. So far they have shown off 4 weapon types: the Magshield which is basically like the Auger’s shield ability from Resistance that creates a shield where incoming bullets do nothing, but you can still shoot outwards, the Shattergun which seems to cause groups of enemies freeze and get attached to the ground and thus allowing you to shatter them, the Archot which is used like a crossbow that incinerates enemies and in a chainlike motion as well, and the Warp Rifle which basically creates a warped gravitational field at an enemy and one can assume it kills them and this seems to produce a similar effect to that of the Warp power in Mass Effect.

I’m fairly confident these aren’t all the weapons and there will be variations for sure as they’re going for a little bit of RPG with upgrade paths based on your class (which isn’t stated to be character specific, but seems likely and will be similar to that of how Borderlands is). I’m definitely excited to see more about this game, but for now just check out this team action packed gameplay trailer for the game. Expect it out March of 2013.


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