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Fact or Oh Man I Wish it Was Factual!

Veronica Belmont has been a face among techies and gamers for quite some time now. You might know her from Sony’s Qore service that was provided on your PS3 or her own show The Sword and Laser or perhaps on Tekzilla featured on Revision3. As of now and every Tuesday around 12pm Pacific Time you will be seeing Veronica on the new show Fact or Fictional which will be airing on Revision3’s YouTube Channel Tech Feed. Now you might be able to tell by the name that the new show is going to test whether or not something is well real or just made up science fiction essentially, but it is going to be so much more than that. User responses will guide the course of the show as they get to suggest what they want to feature next. Oh and I forgot to mention that they’ll be featuring awesome tech from movies, TV shows, books, and comics alike. Although, I’m sure if enough gamers suggest something they might feature a gaming related object. I for one would LOVE to see an episode on the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor from Halo…. you know just a suggestion for you Veronica.

Each episode will feature a piece of technology from pop culture, nominated by the audience. From Hoverboards and Pre-Cogs, to Replicants and Time Machines, Veronica will explore the possible, or impossible link between the invented tech and the real world.

The main objective of the show is to see if something is actually possible and if not, well then why? This process occurs by consulting experts on that area of technology and having them break down whether or not the tech is legit or not. So essentially you could compare this to how Mythbusters will test a theory and occasionally go to an expert and have them explain the process of their experiment. Biggest difference is Veronica will be testing stuff from your childhood and either brutally crushing your dreams or giving you hope that one day you too can be a super robotic cop. Still enjoyable to see your favorite stuff nonetheless. Not to mention there will be special guests arriving from time to time, and while those guests will be determined as the show goes on I know for a fact that there will be the occasional guest. Maybe they can get George Lucas for when they get the inevitable suggestion of a lightsaber! Once again, just another suggestion Veronica 😉 but honestly I’m excited to see where this show goes.

Now in order to watch this new web series you’ll have to go to YouTube and go to the Tech Feed channel as it will be shown exclusively on YouTube and specifically that channel. Each episode will average 5 to 10 minutes based on the content of the episode. I also have a little treat for you all, namely the very first episode of Fact or Fictional where Veronica talks with Jim from Ace Motosports about the Ducati Sport 1000 used in the movie TRON Legacy where Sam Flynn is seen cruising around the city with that sexy ride. Check out the entire first episode below and below that more info on what Revision3 has planned with Tech Feed!

If you liked that make sure you subscribe to the Tech Feed’s Channel so that you’re notified of the weekly releases every Tuesday starting tomorrow! This however, is just the tip of the iceberg that is Tech Feed. Revision3 is launching Tech Feed as of today with branch dedicated to all sorts of tech news and information. Including Veronica’s Fact or Fictional, there will be 6 shows as a part of Tech Feed.

A new, tech-focused, YouTube original channel, TECH FEED. Working with new and existing Revision3 show creators, TECH FEED aims to build a robust, tech-focused channel comprised of various shows, short and long format, featuring multiple episodes per day about the latest tech, gadgets and gear, news and commentary, car tech, cyber-crime and security, survival tech, and more.

The other shows being crafted are going to be Soldier’s Tech Battlefield which will be hosted by Mark Watson who runs Soldier Knows Best. Mark is in the Army Reserve and demos/reviews technology and in his new Tech Battlefield he will be pitting two popular/competing tech devices against one another and describing the pros and cons of both and letting the audience decide who comes out on top. Driven is hosted by Jon Rettinger who runs TechnoBuffalo. This new show will be dedicated to car buffs and will show off a car’s design, it’s technology, functionality, price, and whether or not this is the car for you in a casual and entertaining method. In addition to reviewing, you’ll be getting all the info on major car shows, industry news, expert talk, and of course discussing the future technology to come and the auto tech in pop culture. SuRRvival Gear is hosted by Richard Ryan who runs RatedRR and Totally Sketch. Ever wonder how technology can help you out in the dangers of the real world? Well Richard Ryan is an adventurer who happens to be an explosives and weapons specialist and will be looking at technology’s usefulness in survival situations. Everything will be tested in their studio as well as some mock survival situations that will range from the desert to snow to the forest and more. Threat Wire is hosted by Darren Kitchen and Shannon Morse who run Hak5. This duo will be tackling security issues and a key show for the consumer audience and will detail security issues and news for the every day Joe and the paranoid internet user. downLOADED hosted by Revision3’s CEO and tech journalist Jim Louderback and it will essentially be a podcast of sorts where journalists, CEOs, media stars, and others who will discuss the week’s news involving technology, the digital world, and other social news in a live roundtable  discussion.

Those other shows will be going live later on so keep posted with me for more info on when those will be up. Not to mention you can get info from Tech Feed directly by subscribing to their channel, liking them on Facebook, or following them on Google+. If you want information on Fact or Fictional or just want to see what Veronica Belmont is up to you can follow her on Twitter @Veronica. Also if you forget when everything is airing, Revision3 has a nifty schedule for you! With all this said I hope you are just as excited as I am to see these web shows go up. Revision3 definitely knows how to get me interested.

Source [Discover Communications Press Release]


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