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Super Hexagon Review

Super Hexagon on an iPhoneSuper Hexagon, a fast paced thinking game that connects you and your device mentally and physically. Super Hexagon was developed by Terry Cavanagh and has been released on Steam, Android, iOS, and Blackberry. I recently got this game through the Android Humble Bundle and I can honestly say this is one of the most infuriatingly addictive games I have ever played and it was well worth the buy.

Super Hexagon EP on iTunesThe entire goal of the game is to navigate your little triangle between narrow “walls” at a fast pace for only 60 seconds which doesn’t sound like a lot, but getting that new record comes down to the millisecond. Oh and did I mention the only game modes are hard, harder, and hardest! This is one of those games you will find hard to put down. The main thing I love about this game has to be the brilliant game design; each time you die, just tap and you are back in the action playing again and every time you restart the “walls” are randomly generated so it is a different experience every time. However there are multiple stages in each level which make you feel like you are going through Dante’s Inferno due to the exponential increase in difficulty. Stages go from point, line, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon and pretty much all those shapes we studied in Geometry. The music is great and is composed by Chipzel whom wrote the music to match the rhythm of the game. It gives an additional sense of adrenaline for the player to experience and adds the final touch to the games full design. Also the soundtrack is available on itunes for just $2.97 currently.

ss_43318bdded67af4734c2ecd2c03a47a6927db0eb.1920x1080All in all Super Hexagon’s brilliant design as a mini-game with no plot falls in perfectly for the mobile gaming platform, however I do not see this game being successful with mouse and keyboard due to the delay between a push of a button whereas on a touch screen device movement is possible at the swipe of a finger. A touch screen also allows for the precise speed and positioning of the triangle between the walls, whereas a keyboard makes it a more abrupt, stop-go motion. With the little quirks this game has, it overcomes them and sets a new standard for mobile mini-games. Remeber you can pick it up in the Blackberry App World, Google Play store, iTunes Store, theand even on Steam for just $2.99.

Here’s a tl;dr summary of the review

  • Score: 9.5/10
  • Pros:  One of a kind, adrenaline pumping experience, non repetitive
  • Cons: It’s a mini-game so don’t expect a story line, really hard to fully master
  • Rage Factor: That moment you start and a wall is generated right in front of your triangle



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