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Gran Turismo Turns 15

GT2I know racing games aren’t always the most action packed games, but they fill a different kind of need in a gamer. The exhilaration of driving at over 100mph, the thrill of racing against time, friends, or event the computer, the badassery of driving a car a majority of people may never even see, much less drive, in their lifetime, and the sense of accomplishment knowing you have what it takes to be the best. Gran Turismo is the most well-known racing game on the planet and has sold over 70 million copies through all of it’s generations and this past release of Gran Turismo (GT) 5 has sold over 10 million copies since it’s release and is one of Playstation’s best selling franchises. I can only imagine how many copies GT6 will sell with the increase of Playstation 3 owners since GT5’s release.

Inside DashboardDuring this announcement they revealed Gran Turismo 6 officially for the Playstation 3 and will release Holiday 2013. This isn’t just a rehash of  GT5 by any means, they’re adding plenty of new features this time around. These new features will include:

  • the entire original cast of cars plus more (totaling to about 1200 cars at launch)
  • the same tracks plus 7 more (totaling 33 locations and 71 variations at launch)
  • a new suspension, kinematics, tire, and aerodynamics physics models
  • creating personalized cars
  • multiple aerodynamic parts and custom wheels for most cars
  • a course maker
  • brand new user interface
  • multi-device interactivity

GT6So expect a whole new experience with their new game and have integrated into your real lives with interactivity from your phones, computers, and tablets. Also They have announced that there will be multiple “Edge Effects” which will be  the blend of the real world and virtual world of Gran Turismo by teaming up with real companies to provide a more real experience. Details on this to be revealed gradually over the next six months. Also the return of the famed GT Academy starting in July where potential candidates can try out with the GT6 demo and will be the biggest one yet.

Below is a collection of screens provided and the announcement trailer too. For more information watch out for our coverage of E3!

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