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Frontiers is a Game Worth Exploring

964254_292066920927638_1436968129_oGames inspire many other games and whose to say anything against it? The team (team is loosely used as it is one man, Lars Simkins, and a composer, Steve Barnes) at AAD Productions are making Frontiers and they took much from Daggerfall in The Elder Scrolls franchise and aims to provide a simplistic approach to frontier survival with a twist of a first person perspective and role playing game. To be honest this reminds me much of Elder Scrolls, but also of the recent game Don’t Starve where you’re thrown into the open and forced to hunt and gather resources in order to survive. From the looks of the recent trailer for you’ll be doing just that and so much more. In Frontiers you’ll even have to assemble your fireplace to cook your own food. It also reminisces Minecraft in a similar style crafting system.

“You’ve got to get your ducks in a row if you want to kill a bear. No mercy if you walk up and poke it with a stick on your first night out.”

922222_292066894260974_784237475_oNow this is a work-in-progress so some aspects may change, but currently they’re stating that the world will be about as large as Oblivion. For me, I hope I get a horse to ride or something of that nature. There is fast travel though, but sometimes I just enjoy riding majestically through the countryside. The fast travel system is different than most games, as it still gets you from point A to point B, but it actually shows it. If notice in the video linked above it has some paths laid out that you follow along. Apparently when you start out in the game your skill, as part of the Pathfiders Guild, is to build and modify paths. You’ll start as an apprentice and just stay in a small section of the known world until you advance enough to get into the live open world, or the frontier as you may know it, where you will craft your very own paths.

There really isn’t much about the game known other than it is set in an open world and you build your paths and upgrade your skills as you progress and survive. There will be a story involving temples, towns people, exploring, and mystical orbs that wreck your life. Other than that all I know is that it is being built in the Unity game engine and will allow modding (everything except the terrain is an XML file). If you’re super eager to check this game out like I am then you’ll have to wait until January 2014 when it is slated to release currently, and prospects of a demo may happen in the future as well. For updates on anything visit their Facebook page for any upcoming information and be sure to check back here as I’ll be keeping up with the game as well.

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3 thoughts on “Frontiers is a Game Worth Exploring

  1. this is nice but images should be part of library instead of on after the other like that

    Posted by spohrgnn | May 20, 2013, 7:59 PM


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