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Don’t Starve Underground Update

dont starve caves 2Klei Entertainment released an update for Don’t Starve on May 22nd called Underground. If you have ever wondered what was going on below Wilson’s feet you’ll need to wonder no more. This update is a first in a series to create a new world underground. There are plenty of fun things to do under there and keep you busy. However, Klei Entertainment asked people to “please keep in mind that this is just an early version of our overall vision of caves… you may encounter bugs”. The next 3-4 updates will add new monsters, mechanics, and objects underground as well as stomp on those dirty bugs. 

They also released the game soundtrack available for download, containing original instrumental music composed and arranged by Vince de Vera and Jason Garner, this soundtrack DLC has 9 tracks of game music and more presented in magnificent high-quality FLAC and MP3 formats. Also, if you pick up a copy, you’ll get new tracks as they are released in the game! They also have a trailer for the new update showcasing the new area and creatures below. If you still haven’t given Don’t Starve a try you can still pick it up in the Chrome store or Steam for $14.99 and the soundtrack for $4.99. Remember it works with Windows, Mac, and Linux!


Here’s a list of the update notes:

  • We’ve added the first pass of the new caves biome. I won’t spoil anything by telling you what’s down there. You should be able to find one cave entrance somewhere on survival maps generated post-launch but before this update. Newly generated maps will have a handful of different entrances, all leading to different caves.
  • Shift-click moves items between open containers. Ctrl-Shift-click manipulates stacks in the same way
  • Abigail and Chester no longer trigger traps
  • Hammering is a RMB action
  • Bush hat hide is an RMB toolbar action

Source: [Don’t Starve Updates]



3 thoughts on “Don’t Starve Underground Update

  1. 0:32 *repels effect wore off*

    Posted by Timothy Aldrich | May 23, 2013, 10:48 AM
  2. how to make caves work in your previous save game without making whole new world (use captions):

    Posted by Whotaki | June 4, 2013, 12:46 PM

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