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The EA Online Pass Goes Offline

Only a couple years after the Online Pass system was initiated by EA has them shutting it down. It started in my opinion with the Cerberus Network (kind of fitting now that you think about it… the whole human organization for the betterment of mankind at any cost) with Mass Effect 2 and has since been implemented not only in every EA game that uses an Online feature, but many other publishers and developers have caught on as well. It caused retailers who sell games used to adjust their market and even adjust their normal pricing of used games.

Starting today all future EA titles will not require an Online Pass to play multiplayer and even your past titles won’t require any longer either. The previous titles will take a bit longer to implement. They’ll start with the more recent releases of EA Sports titles and then work their way through the line. For the older versions it won’t completely eliminate the need for an Online Pass. EA will be doing one of these two options for your older EA online games: completely erasing the need to use an Online Pass and just starting up the game and going, or going to the Xbox Marketplace or the Playstation Store and downloading the Online Pass for free. You’ll get all the other perks when you do this as well like new cars, weapons, or whatever else they threw in.

Now this may seem like an innocent move on EA’s part, but does this have anything to do with the Xbox One and Playstation 4 supposed restriction on used games? Are they substituting one plan for another? Many questions to be asked, but time will tell in this matter as Sony and Microsoft are still working out their plans for that. Hopefully nothing too cumbersome.

Source: [EA Help Site]


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One thought on “The EA Online Pass Goes Offline

  1. A big thanks for an incredible piece of games news.

    Posted by twoplayergamesonline.net | June 26, 2013, 3:26 PM

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