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Support Frontiers as it is Thrown Into the Wild

The indie game Frontiers is seeking assistance from you all through Indiegogo, a site where individuals post their ideas and projects up and seek financial assistance for their work (similar to the more popular Kickstarter). I did a little preview on the game last month and I feel confident that the creator, Lars, has something awesome to bring to the table. I wish more games did more mundane things in games to make it seem more real. This game provides a fun and fresh outlook on the adventure take in an RPG style game and just check out their funding site here for more information. If you’re curious about the special perks for supporting the game I’ll break it down for you:

  • $15 – Get the game, soundtrack, closed beta or demo access, documentary videos
  • $50 – The above + an exclusive weapon (known to be awesome)
  • $75 – The above + you get to write a 600 word book and have it appear in the game
  • $150 – The above + make a cameo appearance as an NPC in the game
  • $250 – The above + create your very own “easter egg” to be placed somewhere in the game, and receive a sealed map detailing it’s location that only you get
  • $500 – The above + a hand drawn map printed on quality paper and “aged”, Cartographers credit title
  • $2,500 – The above + Co-Ex Producer title in credits, One of the 3 world regions will be named after you

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