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Multiplayer on The Last of Us Revealed

StabWith only a few days left before Naughty Dog’s next blockbuster title hits shelves we are only just now beginning to find out about the multiplayer experience. There are a couple reasons to keep people in the dark about the video game’s features, one big reason is that when the features are announced that the hype still lasts for when they go and pick up the game. For example with Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer that they announced during the Xbox One reveal, most people will forget the changes made to the game by the time November rolls around. While that’s impossible to know for sure, in general if you tell me something six to eight months in advance I won’t remember what you told me. So Naughty Dog did a good thing keeping it under wraps.

clanSo curious about the actual gameplay then? You get to choose one of two factions, the Fireflies and the  Hunters, and you’ll be pitted against each other in either the Supply Raid or Survivalist game modes. When you start out in your multiplayer experience you have your own set of survivors, your clan as they call it, and you have to keep them alive and allow them to prosper and grow. As you progress through your time with the game you’re tasked with surviving 12 weeks and you’ll encounter issues such as a raid on your people, dysentery outbreaks, malaria outbreak, and so forth. I’m not fully sure how this will play out and what happens when you complete it successfully or if you happen to fail. We’ll update the post if I find out more information for sure. Naughty Dog wanted to capture the same atmoshpere from the single player experience and put it into the multiplayer as it is essential and key to The Last of Us.

finalmanSupply Raid will have your team scavenging the area for supplies and such while trying to keep your team alive and take out the other guys. There won’t be unlimited respawns until the time runs out or until you get the desired score, instead your team will have 20 additional lives to utilize and if you happen to be the last man standing then Naughty Dog has your back with a couple extra boosts for a nice comeback. The other mode, Survivors, will be played out a little differently as you have no extra respawns this time around. So once you’re out then you’re done until the next round. This adds some intensity to the situation as you know if you die you can’t do anything but sit and watch your team fight for their lives. To win this match you have to be the last team alive and survive four out of seven rounds.

craftingIn terms of combat you’ll have your basic grenades, cover, firearms, and of course brutal melee to take down your enemies. However, there is a very interesting aspect to the game that I haven’t really seen used too often. You’ll actually be able to craft on the fly in the game. As in duck under cover from enemy fire, pull up the craft screen, build a new weapon, and then use it and hope it was what you needed. This makes perfect sense and adds a certain realism to the game, because in real life if you were in that situation who says you can’t build a grenade real quick from materials in your backpack? Also if you run out of ammo just access the store while under cover and purchase some rounds to pump into the opposing team, this aspect is a little less realistic but definitely adds more ways to survive the fight.

Source: [Naughty Dog]


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