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The Original Fable Makes it’s way Onto Xbox 360

“It’s the game that the ‘Fable’ community has been asking for, so we wanted to make sure ‘Fable Anniversary’ delivered the definitive ‘Fable’ experience for both long-time fans and newcomers to the franchise.”

FA02As the amazing RPG from Lionhead Studios reaches it’s 10th anniversary, Fable makes a triumphant return into your homes and more specifically onto the Xbox 360. While no solid release date besides Holiday 2013 was announced, they did announce a few of the updated new features to come with the new HD remake. You’ll not only get an amazing upgrade in visual quality, but also receive: Xbox SmartGlass support, near instant load times, all new UI, Xbox Achievements, the expansion of “The Lost Chapters”, and 1080p HD resolution. It doesn’t seem like much to do an HD remake of a game, but Lionhead stated, “It’s probably the hardest part of the job. We needed to keep ‘Fable’ the same, but also make it different… It was a case of playing through the game over and over and writing down a list of the things we wanted to address in order to bring ‘Fable’ to a 360 quality level that people expect.”

FA03Now if you aren’t familiar with what Fable is then why don’t you stay awhile and read this next paragraph. You start out as a young boy whose village gets raided by bandits and you find yourself under some scrutinous training by the Heroes’ Guild which serves as the tutorial stage basically. Once you become of age, you venture out into the wild and complete quests and explore the world of Albion. You can gamble, slaughter, assist the townsfolk, buy a house or a shop (or kill everyone and own the town), and even get a spouse in the game. You go along until you find out there’s this guy, who I will not name for fear of spoiling, and you find out he was behind a lot of stuff and then you go about and kill him. So that’s Fable in a nutshell, but of course there are countless more details in the story and gameplay. Before Mass Effect and Dragon Age, this was THE game with decision making. Every choice effected your outcome of the quests and more so in your appearance. If you were too evil, you’d grow horns and have a red glow about you. While if you were too good, you’d have a blue glow about you and no horns. Overall Fable has a great lore, awesome combat (magic included), expansive skill list, intriguing story choices, and a massive world to explore. Oh and you can kick chickens in the game… and it tracks how far you can kick them. Awesome right?

Comparison of original Fable (left) and Fable Anniversary (right)

Comparison of original Fable (left) and Fable Anniversary (right)


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