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Konami’s Pre-E3 2013 Show

MLB Dream 9Tomoyuki Tsuboi, the President at Konami, opens up the conference and mentions that it is the 40th anniversary of Konami this year. He mentions that they’re working with some major American Healthcare companies such as UnitedHealthCare and schools to bring Dance Dance Revolution as a way to increase activity among kids in school. Many schools have begun to integrate this into their fitness and physical education programs in order to better combat childhood obesity. After the brief intro about the company and their plans, John Coigan begins to talk about their social aspect of the company. With games available on the iOS and Facebook such as MLB Dream Nine and Puzzle Chasers. They also announced that they’re looking for people who wish to get their indie games out there through the support of Konami as independent publishing opportunities. One company, Kung Fu Factory based in California, is about to release Domo Jump! as a part of this partnership and another title called MLB Live Challenge. They also are release casino style games on iOS and Facebook such as Slot Revolution and Casino League for all you gambling fans.

PES MASSNext up was Kei Masuda who was there to talk about PES 14, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, and how this year will be another game changer. A brand new engine called “Fluidity” based off of the architecture of the FOX engine will allow for multiple new approaches with the game. Such as the Trueball Tech which gives you amazing features such as the ability to control the ball in any direction and even control the player’s center of mass separately from the ball. With previous titles where you went, the ball went and they basically became one entity. However, real soccer doesn’t work that way and the ball goes wherever you want it to go regardless of where you may be. This will add surrealism in soccer games never possible before. Another feature is the MASS (Motion Animation Stability System) and this allows for full on body contact while playing the game. Soccer can be a high contact sport and only until recently have the game engines been able to start to be able to render it possible. This adds realism and a more tactical approach when playing the game as well as adding a deep contact between the players. Konami is also emphasizing the “heart” of the game, such as the emotion and moral aspect of not only the players, but of the fans as well. The better you’re team is doing, the better your moral will be and in turn the higher fan reactions as well. They’re capturing the essence of playing at home and playing away. PES 14 is really focusing on the user experience this time around so it should be a major contender for FIFA 14. Enjoy the trailer below.

The new voice of Solid Snake

The new voice of Solid Snake

Hideo Kojima stepped out momentarily to discuss the role of Snake in the upcoming game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. While die-hard fans may be disappointed that it isn’t going to be David Hayter, Kojima is adamant about making a better decision going with another person. He says there will be different themes, such as revenge and race, to portray in this installment and that it needs to be a different Snake as well. He wants to focus more on the tone of voice of Snake this time around versus pure dialogue lines and the game takes place when Snake is 49 years old in 1984. With much consulting between some of his trusted associates, Kojima has decided that Kiefer Sutherland will be the perfect fit for the voice of Solid Snake in MGSV. If you aren’t familiar with his work, he’s most well known for playing Jack Bauer on the TV series “24”. Kiefer had a few things to say about this opportunity and is giving it his all. Kojima would also like to point out that they want to capture real life people as their characters versus digitally creating them. This gives it more real feel and a better way to have connections with the characters. Only one tidbit of gameplay information was talked about, and he briefly stated that MGSV will actually feature an open world experience for the first time.

CLoS2The final section of the show was all about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and they had Dave Cox out to talk about it. It’ll pick up basically right after the epilogue of LoS1, but will feature an even darker and more cruel storyline as this time you play as the monster who you fought to destroy, Dracula. You’ll have new types of enemies to face, but with some new abilities as Dracula and some strategy put into it then you’ll be all set to destroy any enemy. The previous game engine, Mercury, is being used again, but highly modified this time around. They needed to do it in order to make a completely open world experience which will make you feel like you’re a part of the Castlevania universe. You’ll also get the ability to have 360 degree camera control finally along with no loading times to make it more of an organic experience. You’ll not only get to explore Dracula’s castle, but also the modern city life as well in the second installment and the music will emphasize the character’s emotions that they wish to display. Expect C:LoS2 out this Winter on PS3, Xbox360, and PC. Enjoy the trailer below.


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