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Sony E3 Press Conference

Lets talk about the Vita

"People love the vita once they get their hands on it” -Trenton

“People love the Vita once they get their hands on it” -Trenton

Jack Tretton started the Sony E3 conference this year by going over a few things about the Vita. The handheld has launched 125 Vita dedicated games after its first year of its life cycle and in total, including digital downloads, there are over 650 titles available for the Vita. Vita users in the US on average have purchased more than 10 games. 60% of all  purchases for the system come from the PS store. They promise that the Vita developmental support will continue to grow as more than 85 titles will launch by the end of the year such as, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, Counterspy, Destiny of Spirit, Doki Doki universe, Killzone Mercenary, and Tear Away. They are also going to be remastering some classics for the Vita such as God of War HD Collection, the Final Fantasy X/X2 Remake, Flower, as well as Dead Nation.

Telltales’ series the Walking Dead has a new episode, 400 days coming this summer. They are going to offer a bundle with the Vita that will offer the first season of the walking dead games plus 400 days and other bonus content. The PS4 was designed at a system architectural level to connect to Vita. The Vita will also be able to tap into the library of PS4 games that can be played over WiFi with Remote Play. Trenton also said that they will continue to bring the best media and communication apps to Vita.

Whats new to the PS3

“We have a gaming lineup that rivals or exceed any of our previous year’s offerings”. They showed off a few game trailers for some upcoming titles. Starting with The Last of Us, next up was a quick trailer of Puppeteer, Rain, Beyond Two Souls, and finally Gran Turismo 6, all coming to the PS3. They will also be adding Batman: Arkham Origins to the PS3 catalog with some exclusive DLC, the Nightfall DLC and 1960’s Batman skin. Grand Theft Auto V will also be coming up with an exclusive GTAV bundle for $299 and they also announced an exclusive GTAV branded PS3 headset. All of these titles along with 300 others will launch before the end of the year.

Finally the reveal of PS4

2495936-9012444134_80ba47fd6e_oPresident and Group CEO, Andrew house, took the stage next to finally reveal the PS4. “This is a completely new platform and in many ways, represents a completely new Playstation” said House. its sleek and visually impactful with a mostly black matte finish with a top section in glossy black; It will definitely match the rest of your Playstation collection. They are “now more than ever capitalizing all the full potential of the vast network of Sony divisions as the biggest and most powerful divisions in the world”.

But wait, its not just for gaming

Just one of the new media apps coming to PSN

Just one of the new media apps coming to PSN

Micheal Lynton, CEO of Sony entertainment, chairman and CEO of Sony pictures entertainment. Came on stage stating that the PS4 represents a groundbreaking new platform for amazing new content. They are putting a lot of emphasis on curating the content available to be for what gamers want. Artist like Daft punk, jack white, and nine inch nails are dedicated to working with the PS4 on further development and enhancement of Music Unlimited. There will be a new media programming plan exclusively on playstation network. All of the new and existing programming provided will be tailored and specific for content gamers know and love.

House reclaims the spotlight to further go into detail about the services available for media content on the Playstation Network.  Both Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited will be available on day 1 offering the ability to rent and download TV shows and movies and  access to over 20 million songs that are ready to steam. House also announced the arrival of a few other media apps including Redbox instant by Verizon, Live Events Viewer and Flixster coming this fall.

Time to show off the gold

President of Sony worldwide Shu Yoshida came on stage to talk about them. Consist of 40 studios largest 1st party studio in the world. They all participated in “designing, developing and testing the PS4 to make game developers big or small can realize their game ideas”.  Over 30 PS4 titles in development. Over 20 of the titles are planned to release in the first year of PS4 with 12 of them being brand new ips. With that note Yoshida leaves the stage to reveal the Sony exclusive The Order 1886.

One of the new exclusive titles coming to the PS4

One of the new exclusive titles coming to the PS4

The Order 1886 is a steampunkish game placed in what looks like a dystopian society. Killzone Shadow Fall, Driveclub, Infamous Second Son, and Knack each had their fill of trailers. All of these titles will be available at launch, except Infamous which will be available early next year. Quantic dreams’ has also created another 12 minute live tech demo for the PS4 called The Dark Sorcerer which was partially shown during the conference and It looks way better than the Kara tech demo released last year.

Supergiant games' Transistor

Supergiant games’ Transistor

Adam Boyes, the Vice President of 3rd party relations, took over and talked about the small developers and indie companies that are coming to the PS4. Supergiant games, the creators of Bastion, came on stage to talk about their upcoming title Transistor, with an amazing soundtrack as well as another fantastic story this is sure to be another hit. Boyes goes on to talk about how Sony is allowing indie companies to self publish their own content. Don’t Starve, Mercenary Kings, Octodad: Deadliest Catch, Secret Ponchos, Ray’s Quest, Outlast, Oddworld Inhabitants, and Galak-Z are just some of the games making their exclusive console debut on the PS4. Diablo 3 will be coming to both PS3 and PS4 will exclusive Playstation DLC, they will have Drakes’ amulet from Uncharted and Shoulders inspired by Journey.

…and a cup of 3rd party support

It’s now time for Square Enix shine. They revealed  trailers for Final Fantasy XV, an exclusive to PS3 and PS4,  and a teaser for Kingdom Hearts 3 which is now in development. They played the Assassins Creed Black Flag live game play demo which gives it a pirates of the Caribbean feel to the franchise.They made sure to get some of the boat battling game play that everyone wanted to see more about. Watchdogs game play came next, you play as Aden pierce a hacker that can pretty much hack and control anything. In the demo you have to save your friend T-bone by leading him past the enemies. The demo ends by blacking out the city and with Aden escaping the cops. Playstation owners will receive an exclusive extra hour of game play as well as a costume for Aden pierce. NBA 2K14 and The Elder Scrolls Online are coming to the PS4 spring 2014, with a console beta exclusively available first on the PS4, Mad Max owners on the PS4 will have the exclusive road warriors DLC.

The Takeaway

playstation-plusTrenton comes back on stage to end strong and cuts to the chase. He says that 140 games are in development for PS4 and 100 will be available in the first year of its launch. He also stated that the PS4 will not impose any new restrictions on used games! Lend, share, sell, keep Sony doesn’t care. In addition PS4 disc based games don’t need to be connected online to play or for any type of authentication. If you enjoy playing single player games offline PS4 will not require you to check in online periodically and it won’t stop working if you haven’t authenticated within 24 hours. Focused on expanding PS+ benefits you can play games while you download them, use cross game voice chat and the transition to a “real world” friends network. all existing PS+ members WILL have their membership carried over to PS4. On that note you will have to be a Plus member to be able to play online multiplayer. When the PS4 launches Plus member will have immediate free access to Driveclub PS+ Edition as part of the Instant Game Collection! Plus members will receive a new title every month for free including The Secret Ponchos, Don’t Starve and Outlast!

Destiny and pricing

Destiny_42With the final game ready to be revealed Destiny shows itself to the world. Two of the developers from Bungie play the demo live on stage. It has unique rare weapons that drop from bosses that you can upgrade will special talents. Public Events where your fire team as well as others can team up to defeat the monsters. After the demo House comes back out on stage and says that Sony has developed a long term exclusive partnership with Bungie and Activision to make sure that Playstation will grow and evolve with Destiny over the years.  The Playstations’ cloud service will be available first in the US in 2014; coming to both the PS4 and PS3 followed by Vita with immediate access to critically acclaimed PS3 games. The Playstation 4 will be available for $399 this holiday season! which beats the Xbox One by $100.

House ends on a good note saying, “Is playstation the best place to play? Without a doubt. We will continue to prove to you we have the games, the entertainment, the value and the innovation to give you the best place to play”.



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