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Don’t Starve Update: Its Not a Rock

Klei entertainment released a new update for Don’t Starve this week and as promised by an earlier update they have expanded the world underground, added a few new modding privileges and some features to the overall game. The update will definitely change a few play styles for some especially since the Bunnymen will now turn into Beardlings when you start to go insane. Their are new creatures such as the Rock Lobsters and Lureplants. You can even eat cave bananas if you want or create a vampiric batbat to leech the health of your enemies and fend off the evils below. The bat definitely comes in handy when your exploring since their are now giant tentacles that will spawn loads of the smaller ones. Even though they die in one hit, if your not careful you will pay for it.

As far as mods go, their are quite a few that can help with everyday task. With the Recipe book mod you can now cook recipes without having to alt tab to Google which one you can make with what little ingredients you have. There are also a bunch that help make the game more bearable for some. With the Camp Res mod it essentially turns the game into easy mode and removes the need for Meat Effigys and Amulets. When you die instead of dying and starting over again it resurrects you at your Fire Pit however, you still drop all your inventory on death. No matter which way you play these mods can help make the game more entertaining or more extreme (if you decide to get the hard mode mod).

Here’s a full list of the updates.

New Things To Discover:

  • Peaceful rock lobster herds roam the gloomy depths.
  • Bunnymen turn into beardlords when your sanity is low.
  • Ever wonder what’s right below a tentacle? MORE TENTACLE!
  • The invasive Lureplant will taunt you with its delicious veggiemeat.
  • Eat exotic cave bananas!
  • Ferns! You can burn ’em!
  • More colourful mushtree varieties.
  • Stalagmites come in more varied shapes.

New Things to Craft and Use!ds_updatePoster_ItsNotARock-Web

  • The vampiric BatBat.
  • The marginally useful Compass.

New Map Generation Features:

  • Gaze into the abyss in the caves!
  • Cave walls are prettier.
  • Cave layouts are… caveier.

Other Tuning and Fixes:

  • Time passes aboveground and belowground, independent of your current location.
  • You can regenerate a cave from its entrance (just for testing!)
  • Crops can grow underground, if you keep them lit.
  • Added a proper “Always dark” preset to levelgen.
  • Equippable items remember which slot they are from.
  • Snurtle Shell Armour will now cause enemies to lose interest in you if you hide for over 5 seconds.
  • Plantables can’t be planted on nonsensical ground types.
  • Added toggleable “notebook mode” and “small texture mode” options for lowspec machines.
  • Fixed some bad mip chains that were causing trouble for some graphics cards.
  • Fixed libegl crash that was happening for some old Intel cards.
  • Iceboxes can be place closer together.
  • Fixed pig torch crash.
  • Fixed spoilage stack exploit.

New Modding features:

  • New sample mods, “sampleprefab” and “samplecharacter”, which includes an art template for character skins.
  • Reworked the loading of textures and other assets so you no longer have to use package.path, LoadPrefabDefs, LoadPrefabs, or prefabs.xml
  • This does require the use of PrefabFiles and Assets in modmain.lua, see the sample mods for an example.
  • Can overwrite basically any asset just by putting it in the same relative path in a mod folder.
  • Lots of improvements to error reporting, and generally more helpful errors when something isn’t working.
  • Crafting menu tab spacing is now dynamic, so adding a new entry to RECIPETABS will automatically align the tab bar.
  • Container widgets can have a custom background image specified.
  • World gen scripts can now be overridden from a mod. Time to make some crazy places!
  • Mods now have access to luasockets on windows. (dun dun DUUUUUN!)

Source: Don’t Starve forum



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