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EA’s 2013 E3 Press Conference

pvzStarting off strong with Peter Moore C.O.O. of EA introduced Plants Vs Zombie: Garden Warfare. PVZ:GW is a new third person shooter announced to come out for Xbox One, and then Xbox 360. The gameplay demo features a wide variety of plant classes to battle the Zombie hordes. Horde mode meets tower defense is the theme with peashooter’s deployable turrets, a chomper melee class, cactus sniper, and sunflower healer class. The waves of enemies are interspersed with stacking boss waves. Laughable but dangerous disco zombies quickly escalate to the massive Gargantuar zombie that when killed summons the even larger Mecca Zombie stomping the demo closed. Of note as well is the use of a deployable onion drone and a called in corn strike for huge damage on bosses. This title will be full of kid friendly plant violence. Look forward to many family units invading the leaderboards of this game later this year. A very brief and excited Peggle 2 announcement was made as well.

TitanFallNew footage from the team at Respawn Entertainment talking about their new mech heavy, action multiplayer shooter Titanfall. This new title’s gameplay seems to be a meeting between Battlefield and Hawken. The players control Pilots, who are small mobile targets with wall running abilities, and jetpacks which can be used to ,literally, jump into Titans on the fly. The heavily armored Titans act highly responsive and articulate; thier main weakness seems to be the fact that it can’t run on walls and they’re a huge target. The team has focused on transitioning in and out of the Titans very quickly and efficiently to preserve battle effectiveness and immersion. The world they are operating in is richly detailed and they are using multiplayer matches to deliver a single-player story experience so expect the flow of matches to effect major battle variables during online play.

After a fadeout, a snowy expanse is revealed as the player slowly trudges across, explosions ring, and a fallen ship reveals that this is the battle on Hoth. The player then narrowly avoids a walkers foot and the screen fades to black revealing a brand new Star Wars Battlefront by DICE and EA, get hype Jedi with the teaser trailer.

NFSMarcus Nilsson, Executive Producer of Need for Speed, presents Need For Speed: Rivals preview demo. During gameplay the presenter was showing off their All-Drive mode for online play. All-Drive mode features a pop in pop out way to weave different players online and offline co-op games of cops and racers into each other to interject some mayhem into an already hectic looking race. Races are initiated quickly with the touch of a button and a crowd racing by. Another player in Cop Mode is patrolling an area that the first players race passes through. When the two paths meet the cops try to take down as many racers as they can for a high score and a good time is had by all. Then an announcement by Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad for the Need for Speed Movie flipping cars into theaters in 2014.

EA-2013-Dragon-Age-1Aaryn Flynn, General Manager of Bioware, is next introducing Dragon Age: Inquisition. He tells of the open world environments, and changing of the world based upon your decisions. The trailer shows a world plagued by demons, fire, and various other things falling from the sky and causing wars.  The Battles look huge and demon kings raise armies in Dragon Age Inquisition fall 2014.

Andrew Wislon, Executive Vice President of EA Sports, comes out to boast on the achievements of the Ignite engine. All of the sports games in the lineup benefit from three on the newly upgraded engine dubbed Human Intelligence, True Player Motion, and Living Worlds. Human Intelligence refers to a new advanced AI for computer players as well as controlled players body language. True Player Motion is about more realistic movement patterns of the characters as they move through the world. Finally the living world philosophy refers to the rapid update of character stats as well as a more responsive crowd, and more expressive characters. NBA Live 14 embodies these ideals through true physics dribbling, hour by hour player stat updates, and realistic player and crowd personalities. Madden NFL 25 is up next with bigger better graphics, a more realistic footwork pattern to improve movement and control. They also boast higher intelligence of the controlled character by as much as four times as many calculations per second on both team and field awareness. The crowds are more realistic than ever before.

FIFA14 also sports advanced dribbling, pro instincts, and crowds with personality. The emotional state of your team or crowd will also have an effect on the gameplay to breed an even deeper sense of community with the team and players. The UFC section of the presentation is heralded by Bruce Buffer introducing Dana White, Owner of UFC,and Andrew Wilson, Executive Vice President of EA. They in turn introduce the new engine improvements of UFC focusing on the physical closeness of the models in game as well as the engines ability to display full body deformation from impacts received during gameplay, and the new MMAI system built around actual fighters strategies as they evolve during a fight. Dana White declare the fight the oldest sport, that appeals universally, to all creeds, colors, and nations. They then introduce two UFC Championship, Jon Jones current Light-Heavyweight and Benson Henderson current Lightweight Champion, to help illustrate how useful an adaptive AI, and Full Body Deformation system is for realism in the game.  Expect this title hitting mats in Spring 2014.

BF4Easily the most impressive demonstration in the whole lineup, Battlefield 4 is introduced by Pat Bach Executive Producer at DICE. The Battlefield 4 experience is wrapped around the core concepts of Levolution, meaning dynamic and highly destructible environments, all out war over land sea and air, and the new Commander mode for accompanying tablets. In commander mode a tablet user can drastically effect the flow of battle with a top down battle coordinator role. You can give orders, assign in-game missions, communicate among many teams in the field, and deploy supplies and artillery strikes. The presenters emphasise the utility of this mode by hosting a full 64 player demo match on screen. The demo follows a team of five from delivery helicopter, to attack boat, to skyscraper to achieve some pretty lofty goals in Hong Kong, assigned by the guy playing commander on his tablet. The 64 player demo match will be livestreaming here all week during E3 from the floor as well. I won’t spoil the ending but watch the demo at the very least, it’s the best part of the EA presentation.

Finally as a surprise from the guys at DICE reveal for Mirrors Edge 2. Enjoy the teaser.



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