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Preview of RTX 2013

Rooster Teeth is back with its third annual convention in Austin, Texas. RTX, Rooster Teeth Expo, is where gaming meets the internet and takes place between July 5th – 7th. GNN’s Anthony Carbone attended last year and enjoyed his experience there so if you’re curious about what went on then check out his coverage of the event. This year though is going to be even better. With the premier of RWBY, their newest anime series, and Red vs. Blue Season 11 just beginning, they’ve got a lot on their plates and a lot to share with us. This year will also be home to the largest Halo 4 tournament to-date and will be done as a live event. Even if you can’t make it RTX, this will be something you won’t want to miss.

Rooster Teeth created RTX to bring the Rooster Teeth community, game companies, gamers, online content creators and online video lovers from around the world together for one great weekend in Austin, TX

That isn’t it though! They’ve got Spill Dot Con coming to RTX as a side convention, YouTube sensation Freddie Wong will be there talking about making YouTube videos and detailing his Video Game High School webseries and the second season to it. If you’re going to be around late at night then you’ll want to attend the Geeks Who Drink trivia night and an attendee mixer going on as well. Some of the major special guests coming to RTX will include: Jen Taylor the voice of Cortana in Halo, Freddie Wong a YouTube content creator, Richard Garriott game developer of Ultima Online and Astronaut, the Mega64 team, and of course the Red vs. Blue staff. For a full list of special guests please visit their guest page or if you want the full schedule of RTX then visit the schedule page. If this sounds appealing at all to you then you should definitely go to this amazing convention. It’s a lot of fun and is packed with great people and content. There are still passes available, but they’re in short supply. Register here now for a 3-day pass before they’re all gone! Priced at just $50 plus taxes and fees with a single-day pass at $30 plus taxes and fees. Below will be a confirmed list of exhibitors attending the convention as well.

Confirmed Exhibitors:

For more news on RTX 2013 follow Rooster Teeth on their Facebook & Twitter and check back with us here for coverage of the event.



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