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Deadpool Review

I am a huge Deadpool fan, I have read all of his old comics and some of the new run. So take this review with that particular grain of salt. For the uninitiated, Deadpool is known as the merc with the mouth, he has the same regenerative ability as Wolverine, he just takes advantage of the healing factor more than Wolvie does.

DEADPOOL_Screen5-largeThe healing factor is his only official power, however he does sport several others that he developed unofficially over time.

These powers include, but are not limited to:

  1. Psychic shielding. His mind and brain are so messed up that if anyone but the most powerful of psychics reads them they just leave confused with a headache
  2. Fourth wall breaking abilities. Displayed at every availability throughout the game
  3. A lethal sense of humor

That humor is actually a unique trait with Deadpool, it gives him the ability to pull off almost any stunt so long as the punchline is funnier than him failing, using this he has been able to defeat rival assassins with pancakes, defeat armies of ninjas while on the phone, and defeat enemies between panels. As a fan it did not disappoint in delivering a solid Deadpool experience. For an itemized list of cool stuff Deadpool has done go here.


Deadpool is fast, angry, visceral, crazy, and often features meat-explosions made of former enemies all of which the gameplay captures perfectly. The main baddie is Mr. Sinister, a master geneticist with a massive army of clones of various shapes and sizes he’ll throw into your path. Deadpool teleports and parries from foe to foe with boundless energy and glee. There are three sets of melee weapons, four guns, and four types of throwable weapons (including beartraps) all of them dual wielded.

DP_BearTrap-largeEvery weapon can be upgraded, except deployables. Character upgrades have an obvious  impact on gameplay, upgraded melee weapons provide better combos, more points and extra specials, and upgraded guns bring gunkata (like in the movie equilibrium). Gunkata is a great way to integrate the guns into close range combat without having the targeting system get in the way. The gunplay can get a bit sloppy, but this is counteracted with a lock-on system that allows Deadpool to move, and dodge freely. Deadpool, the game, is the definition of a Sunday brawler. Mountains of enemies, sprawling weapon variations, and on the fly strategy integrated with furious button mashing. Exactly what I would expect if Deadpool made his own game.


The graphics aren’t breaking any records. In fact it the game, on multiple occasions, makes fun of itself through the occasional 8 bit mini-game, side-scroller, or unfinished level built in around corners. The levels are all well decorated, and visually appealing if a bit linear. There were several moments in the game where Deadpool should have had the ability to teleport to the other side or been able to jump on top or over an object and couldn’t, but this is a relatively minor gripe. Though some of the less useful animations are pretty stiff and the engine itself seems like it needs an overhaul or is a bit dated, all of the characters look great.


First and foremost, Nolan North worked his butt off in this game. The writing is a major selling point. Every quick-time event has multiple responses from Deadpool, I found myself playing sequences again to wait out the QTE (quick time events) endings just to see how Deadpool reacts to the inaction. The voices in Wade’s head are constantly talking and commenting on things happening around him. The writing even went far enough overboard to make it seem like there is very little repetition in what’s being said at any time. Deadpool even, essentially, ignores the main plot of the game throughout the entire story and nothing seems lost. Daniel Way (veteran Deadpool writer) did a great job of communicating Deadpool’s motor mouth, even if he did throw in a few more sparkles than I would have liked. Everything about this game’s writing is meta, before he even starts his first mission Deadpool finds the script for the entire game and rewrites it and ignores it while at the same time adopting famous Spider-Man poses.


As I said above the writing in this game is damn funny. Deadpool is essentially the ADHD super-anti-hero so when the player is inactive, Deadpool quickly gets bored and starts rambling or doing something to keep himself (and you by proxy) entertained. As a long time fan I can say that I am satisfied with this game, but I do, however, have a few gripes. Most hardcore fans of Deadpool are afraid of what he has been becoming more recently with his new-found popularity. They feel that he has gone from a complex, misunderstood, humorous with really dark undertones kind of character to essentially “‘LOLSORANDUMB’ look at me I’m crazy” character.

DP-Bike-Ride-largeThe game does address this feeling in a couple ways. In the first level, the player is exploring Deadpool’s apartment to get a feel for how the character acts in his own time. This level contains many nods to Deadpools comic persona, but my personal favorite is the most normalized one. In his bathroom you have the option to drop a deuce in the toilet or kill germs by washing his hands. When you chose to kill germs, Deadpool’s real unmasked face shows in the mirror while never removing the mask in the game world, he then says “do you think we will be showing a lot of the tragedy behind the comedy, I hope not. I don’t even want to see that.” or something to that effect. To me, this shows a pretty solid understanding of the character and his attitude throughout the rest of the game is apt because he essentially gets to do whatever he wants with the game he just discovered he was in. Being able to control your own game, for Deadpool, is essentially the happiest he can be. He is most upbeat when he is on a mission or in “business mode” as I like to call it. He only gets dark and moody when he is in personal space, essentially trying to be a “regular guy” is the hardest thing for him to do. That difficulty can cause him to be very depressed and abrasive. To this point I was really disappointed that there wasn’t a single Blind Al reference in the whole game. Blind Al being an octogenarian blind mutant lady that Deadpool held captive for several years, both as a hostage and as one of the only people he talked to. His dark side often showed when dealing with her. She was one of the few people to know him on a personal level and as such one of the only people who really knew how to hurt him. However, when she acted out too much he would ground her by locking her in a room filled with knives and sharp pointed things so that she couldn’t escape. The lack of reference is acceptable though since the game never slows down enough to develop his brooding side. The game is punchline after punchline fight after fight, from start to finish and then some.


High Moon did a great job in producing what feels like the first in a line of new games. It’s an excellent start, but at about 8 or so hours of regular gameplay it feels a little lacking. There are higher difficulty replays, and challenge maps but it still feels short. Ultimately it left me wanting more, which is a good thing from a marketing standpoint, High Moon really went with the mantra of letting Deadpool make his own game, and it worked out great. They knew people would feel that this game is a little short so they released it with ten bucks off for consoles and twenty bucks off for pc. This game is much like Deadpool himself: Fast, angry, and non-stop on the surface, but upon closer inspection very smart and well planned out. If you are a fan of this Deadpool you should already own this game. If you like brawlers, get this game. If you are bored and have a mild interest in the character, rent the game.



Deadpool the game is fast, funny, vulgar  and well done. If you know anyone with ADHD, or are yourself a sufferer, you owe it to yourself to play this game. If you are a fan of Deadpool and are afraid of buying this game, get over it and buy it. It’s already got a discount on it.


[personal score: 8.5/10]  [adjusted for fanboy score: 7.5/10]


  • Excellent writing, voice acting, and character loyalty
  • Fast and fun combat
  • Plenty of laugh out loud moments which is hard to come by in games these days.
  • Seems like its just the beginning of a series, left me wanting more.





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