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RWBY: Insight Into the Animated Adventure

Beacon Tower

Beacon Tower

If you aren’t familiar with it, RWBY is a brand new all animated action series created by the amazingly talented Monty Oum from Rooster Teeth Productions. At RTX 2013 he, along with the writers and the four key actresses came out to discuss the new show, show off footage of the first two episodes, and answer some questions that people have been dying to know. Of course a lot is still under the covers and Monty wants there to be surprise in the show, so nobody is leaking anything early. I managed to snag a couple stills from the show and will have everything from the panel shown in a slideshow below. I was kind of skeptical about the show at first to be honest. I thought to myself that this would be just a decently animated show with some decent writing and decent characters whenever I heard snippets about it from people. After seeing this, oh boy was I wrong. The show is amazingly animated and has fantastic cast of talented actresses/actors, and an intriguing story. Some of the dialogue is cheesy, but that adds a nice Rooster Teeth flavor to it.

The sisters! Ruby and Yang

The sisters! Ruby and Yang

Alright so let’s break this show down for you as spoiler free as possible. The main character is Ruby Rose, similar to Red Riding Hood, and she is portrayed by a young teenage girl who wears red and has this badass scythe that doubles as a sniper rifle and is training to be a huntress (which huntresses fight demons). Next is Weiss who is kind of the princess and snobby kind of girl who wears white and yields a rapier styled weapon that can alternate between different dust (we’ll go into what dust is in a little bit) types. The next one is basically the opposite and is dark and mysterious Blake who wears black and uses a multi-talented weapon that starts as a blockish looking sword into duel wielding smaller swords and then can even turn into chained weapons similar to Kratos’ weapons from God of War. The final member of the quartet of badassery is Yang who is blonde and wears a lot of yellow. She is the older sister to Ruby and likes a more up close and personal approach with some neat bracelet/gauntlet styled weapons and with each punch it can also shoot at the same time causing a similar style of fighting to that of the benders from The Last Airbender. Each character was designed visually and casted appropriately by their traits. Ruby is meant to be honest so she has big eyes that show her true face all the time, Blake is mysterious so has features that are more secluded, and so forth.

Main Bad Guy

Main Bad Guy

That was the rundown of the main four characters in the game and there will be plenty of more throughout the series and such, but that’s all we get to know right now. Monty wanted to make it very clear at the panel about how this isn’t going to follow along with an already established genre of anime, they just want to do their own stuff and make it awesome. Also while it may seem like some of the characters have some magical powers and use magic, that really just comes from the “dust” which is still a very hush hush subject that Monty doesn’t want to discuss right now. So basically watch the show to figure it out, but the general idea of it is that it gives people the ability to do special things and makes weapons special as well. The first episode did a great job showing off what they can do and getting you curious as to who these characters really are and what they’re all about. You’re introduced to who looks like the main bad guy this season and he comes across Ruby for the first time. While in the middle of what seems to be a serious moment, Ruby does an excellent job of taking the situation lightly and adding in some great comedy to the scene. All throughout the show they made some quick little jokes that just make you crack up and then get right back into the story or action. In my opinion a well placed one-liner is the best form of humor. The show will begin airing on July 18th here and will have weekly uploads. Each episode will vary on length depending on the quality and content of each one, but expect about 8-10 minutes a piece. While not long, still has plenty of punch in each of those episodes.

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  1. You have episode filmed with camera? please

    Posted by makii | July 16, 2013, 10:33 PM


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