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Osiris Studios Interview

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_158017636_preview3I took some time to meet up with David Gates, the CEO and Project Manager of Osiris Studios, to discuss his newest game Mist of Stagnation. Their game provides a fast paced and fun shooting game filled with vast levels and fun team play. During my time with the game on the show floor I mainly used the sniper rifle weapon to take my enemies quickly and efficiently. The game isn’t released yet and actually is in the process of being greenlit through Steam as we speak. So if you like what you read then check them out and get them approved!

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_158017636_preview5Me: How long have you been working on Mist of Stagnation?

David: We’ve been working on it about a year and a half now. The current art assets that we’re using is the longest part of it and we’ve brought in a new coder in about 6 months ago who has completely rewrote everything and it’s gone really good since then.

Me: What platforms do you plan on releasing on?

David: Initially we were going to look for PC and Mac. Through Steam and Gamersgate and talk to the consoles now that they have consoles to support our game so we’ll see how that works out with the new stuff.

Me: So you might be releasing on Next-Gen consoles?

David: Absolutely. Obviously we’re right now leaning toward Playstation simply because they’re a little more open to indie developers, but I’d love to get onto both of them if possible.

Me: Are you guys just doing multiplayer or is there a single player component to the game?

David: Initially it is mulitplayer only and we are getting a lot of questions if we’re going to do the single player. We do have bots that are fully functional in the game already so it is something you could play by yourself, but at some point in time we will consider putting in a storyline mode so that somebody can run through it on their own.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_158017636_preview2Me: What kind of setting is it? I played the demo on the floor and it was an airship level, is that only kind of levels we’ll see?

David: No that’s the level we made for the convention so we just made it a little bit smaller so that it could work with the 4v4, but some of our other levels can be anything from mining camps, villages, inner cities and things like that so a real wide variety of environments.

Me: Does this take place in an Earth setting in another time? Or is this a future world?

David: Well it’s a steampunk setting so it’s an alternate timeline skewed from the early 1900s so real classical steampunk and it’s what we call practical steampunk. So it’s not slap some copper and gears on it and call it steampunk, it’s all actually functional.

Me: What kind of weapon variety is there? Because I believe there were about 4 or 5 weapons from the demo.

David: Yeah we have about 10 weapons and each team has their own specific set initially. Some of the things that we are doing is that weapons are upgradable so the assault rifle for example will start without the scope and then you’ll upgrade it to have the scope and the shotgun actually has 3 different versions of it and we are going to create more and more weapons as we go along, but initially 10 weapons.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_158017636_preview6Me: You mentioned upgradable stuff so is there an in-game currency in there?

David: So the game itself is a first person shooter with [real time strategy] hybrid in it. So the control points that you’re going after capture resources for your team that your commander will use it to upgrade your weapons and armor, your respawn rate, and even your speed and things like that.

Me: How is it you become the commander? Is that a pre-determined thing or is that something you acquire over time by rank?

David: So initially for round one of the game, it’s whoever jumps into the commander model as it’s sitting there. From there on is a scoring system different from your kill score that will determine your ranking in there. That will be things like capturing control points, following orders from your commander, and kills do play a part in that, but mostly just geared around the teamwork side of things

Me: Is this the first games that you have done? Or have you worked on other projects before?

David: We’ve all worked on other things individually, but this is the first one as our team.

Me: What kind of stuff do you like to play on a regular day?

David: I’m really into the whole Half-Life series. Awesome story and I’m kinda waiting for the next episode so-to-speak. I’d probably catch myself playing Heroes of Newerth the most out of anything, I know I’d hate to say it. Other than that just some Halo and Call of Duty.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_158017636_preview4Me: So you have an Xbox? Do you have a PS3 as well?

David: I’ve got them both yeah.

Me: Is there anything else you wanted to add about the game?

David: We just went up on Steam Greenlight today so check us out, Mist of Stagnation on there and Facebook and Twitter under Osiris Studios.


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