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Martian Manhunter DLC Mini-Breakdown

J'onn Getting Ready to Smack a Fool

J’onn Getting Ready to Smack a Fool

During Evo Ed Boon released a trailer for the next DLC character The Martain Manhunter(MM) aka J’onn Jones. The Martian manhunter has the powers of shapeshifting, telepathy, density control, laser-eyes, and near Superman level strength, making him the most thoroughly overpowered cast member yet. Also announced was the new John Stewart Green Lantern skin complete with a beard and new voicework. 

The trailer was a great showcase of the combat potential of MM. The moves that I could pick out include:

If they put Al Simmons Spawn in this game, I could die happy

Looks a lot like Michael Jai White

  • Crouching Eye Lasers
  • Sheeva Style Teleport Stomp
  • Hand Based Energy Blast
  • Long Range Falling Energy Blast
  • Mid Range Energy Mine
  • Sektor Style Teleporting Uppercut
  • Trait similar to Raven’s “Demon Stance”
  • Stretchy attacks with huge hitboxes
  • An Air Grab
  • A Mars Based Super Move
  • One Naked Alien

The teleporting moves aren’t technically teleporting, MM is using density control to become intangible and move around the environment. They also managed to set him on fire during the fight which is a nod to his only weakness, Fire. Considering this characters obvious power, I wonder if NetherRealm is going to give a damage bonus for all fire based attacks on MM. I commend Mr. Boon and NetherRealm on the choice of character and the skin, but I fear he may be too powerful to be stopped. Lookout for Martian Manhunter to invade tier lists soon.



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