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Takedown Takes Me Out

lobbyredsabre508ac471a4c11Watching somebody play this game doesn’t give you a feel for how this game plays at all. When I first saw this game I was confused as to why the players were moving so slow and moved about so cautiously when they were decked out with body armor and high powered weapons while the enemies had suits and pistols or sub machine guns at best. Well the reason they were cautious is that you can die very quickly in the game and once you do die then you are a spectator until the next match. The objective of the game was to infiltrate this building and destroy some hard drives and plant some documents and then extract yourself. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

The player that takes things slow, aims carefully, and plans their moves right will overcome the player who runs in with guns blazing.

HQ_Shot3HRLeo and I teamed up for this one along with 2 other players and within 2 minutes we both got gunned down by the same guy. So it wasn’t looking too good for us right off the bat. Luckily the rest of the team died shortly afterwards as well and we had a couple other tries. To stay alive we had to be calm and patient and use our scoped rifles from a distance for safety and leaned out of cover to peer around the corners. Also sticking together and covering multiple angles was key. Leo saved me a few times when an enemy ran up next to me and almost got me. After a handful of tries we still remained a failure and we ended our time with the game then. I got to say I rarely feel that intense about a game and in fact the players before us were screaming when they encountered an enemy by surprise and when moving into the next room they did rock, paper, scissors to decide who went first. This game definitely gives you a good sense of cooperation and makes it truly essential for good communication. When the difficulty is that high it makes it a challenge that makes you want to keep playing until you get it done right. Currently the game is still early in development, but still holds up well just needs some natural tweaks to the game.


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