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Geek News, RTX 2013

Going Beyond the Polygons with Voice Actors/Actresses

Voice acting has gained more popularity with games and some are even setting records with their actors. DC Universe first set the record for most voice actors used in a game and shortly afterwards we had Star Wars: The Old Republic take the reign for hundreds of actors and actresses who lent their voices. At RTX they had a couple big names in the voice acing industry to discuss some insight into the voice acting experience. Talent such as Shannon McCormick (RvB, RWBY), Earl Alexander (Left 4 Dead, Saw), Robert Kraft (DC Universe), Mindy Raymond (DC Universe), Claire Hamilton (DC Universe, Metroid Prime 3), Jen Taylor (Halo, Left 4 Dead, Mario, SWTOR, RWBY), Alexander Brandon (DC Universe, Skyrim), and Hadley Eure (DC Universe).

The panelists mostly shared their experiences and some of the stuff you can take away from them is that even though you want to do voice acting is that you should take an acting class or two. Learning how to act is critical to doing a great voice over. To be able to do a good range of voices you need to be able to get involved. Which means if your character your playing as is going to throw a punch, then you should throw a punch in the recording booth while saying the line and just things like that make it sound all the more believable. Once you’ve been cast as the role, or even during auditioning, then to get into character you should try to draw inspiration from really anything that you can. If you are lucky enough to see who you’re voicing then try to imagine who they would sound like. Sometimes you may even know a person who they remind you of and you can mimic their voice and behaviors. One example was when Hadley was doing an Indian man voice in DCU and she remembered a childhood friend’s father and thus used him as inspiration for the part. Another thing is to ask questions about who you’ll be voicing and the context itself. Say in Left 4 Dead when Earl was playing his part, he asked which monsters were scarier than others because if there was a really scary monster he would express that level versus a less scary monster. You also need to bring humanity into your acting, as you can’t have yourself actually being seen you need to be able to portray yourself through just your voice. The final bit of advice is to not be self conscious of yourself and just express yourself however you want without fear of judgement.


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