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Xbox One Removes Kinect

Surprising news today! Microsoft has officially removed the Kinect 2.0 sensor from the Xbox One to be sold separately. This news comes after Microsoft has repeatedly stated that they will not remove the Kinect from the Xbox One systems, but I imagine in light of seeing just how much the Xbox One is lagging behind in system sales. Xbox One reports that it shipped (not necessarily sold) 3.9 million units in 2013 and Playstation had sold nearly 5 million units by the start of January. Microsoft has been doing everything in their power to push the sale of the system. Going from major Xbox One promotion throughout the United States, GameStop stores have heavily advertised the Xbox One for months, to bundling their biggest first party title for free with their systems. While I imagine it has helped, it still isn’t enough to catch up and much less surpass that of the Playstation 4. It is never too late for a system to make a comeback and I think this is what might push a lot of people to finally pick up the system. Their is a downside to this however… No longer will every developer be confident that their consumer has a Kinect in their household. So in order to make the games appeal to everyone, more and more games and functions on the Xbox will need to be able to operate without the Kinect’s great features. Of course it will open up new opportunities for games on the system to be played with simply a controller. The system is also going to see a price reduction to $399.99, just like the Playstation 4. I imagine they will sell the original bundle and this new one simultaneously, but a price tag for the Kinect separately has not been announced. Although anything less than $100 means that the system with the Kinect will HAVE to get a price reduction in order to make that an appealing offer. You can pick up your Kinect-less Xbox One on June 9th in NA.



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