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Dallas Comic Con Kicks Off Summer

The past weekend was a terrific week to be in the city of Dallas. The bustling city played host to its annual Comic Con. This year was especially monumental due to an increase in attendance, which caused the con to move to its new home in the Dallas Convention Center. People from all over flocked to the convention center to share in the occasion. In fact, I was one of those people. From the 16th-18th it was a no-holds-barred sea of all things comics, TV and pop culture. Featuring guests such as David Morrissey of The Walking Dead, and legendary icon William Shatner. Fans flocked with glee at the chance to meet their idols and stars.

Friday night was the exclusive preview night where people who purchased the deluxe passes could get a sneak peek at the weekend’s festivities. For being the first night and a selective event, the turn out was not too bad. The exhibition floor was mildly alive with activity; however, the definite highlight was the panel with comic legend Stan Lee. Stan Lee is responsible for the creation of icons such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the X-Men. The panel itself was a very lighthearted and intimate event. Questions were asked, jokes were made (shockingly, mostly by Stan “The Man” himself), and overall satisfying for comic fans everywhere. Saturday however, was an entire game altogether. The convention center was truly alive with cosplayers galore, merchants selling their geeky wares, and of course, a whole lot of comic books. The main event that day was The Walking Dead panel featuring David Morrisey and Michael Rooker. The panel provided an in-depth look at the filming process of the show. Additionally, the actors shared their on-set antics and stories. After the panel was done it was back to the exhibition hall where the most striking booth caught my eye. It was a pop fan art booth, the level of detail that the artist brought to her drawings was a remarkable sight. It definitely showed the level of dedication some fans show for their passions.

Sunday followed suit with much of the same commotion abundant in every hall of the convention center. What was for sure the best experience at the con was the much anticipated Firefly panel. The entire crew of The Serenity minus Alan Tudyk, and Morena Baccarin, appeared for the panel. What followed was the typical round of Q&A’s. Then the rigging around the panel started to collapse in a chaotic fashion. Once the situation was back to normal, true to his form Nathan Fillion started cracking jokes about the fiasco. However, the most humble and gratifying aspect of the panel was the level of comradery the cast shared. From the interactions the shared during the panel it felt as if they were a family and that the show never left their hearts. When it came time to close the panel, the cast talked about the fans and how it is because of them that the show continues to endure. On the verge of tears the cast of Firefly, hand-in-hand took a final bow and exited the hall. Times like these proved to me just how much a loyal fan base can carry a show and how proud it feels to be a part of something that nature. Overall Dallas Comic Con is a fantastic event that every fan should get a chance to check out. This type of once-a-year experience is truly unforgettable because you never feel alone. Over 50,000 superhero, sci-fi, and anime fans gathered to share in all their collective interests. It feels like you’re coming home.


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