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Dark Souls 2: The Lost Crowns DLC

While we don’t have an official review for Dark Souls 2, it is one of my favorite series and the game is absolutely amazing. I’ve spent plenty of time exploring Drangelic and getting to know the NPCs throughout the world and the ones you collect for Majula. The game released only three months ago on consoles and just under two months ago on the PC, and now they will be released a three part DLC story to the game where I imagine you’ll fight the kings of three different lands, as it is titled “The Lost Crowns” and the trailer shows images of the crowns. Of course if you’ve played Dark Souls 2, fighting a king isn’t always that easy and usually has plenty of guards nearby. However, you may just be going to these past kingdoms and collecting the crowns instead of actually fighting the kings themselves. The first part of the story is the Crown of the Sunken King, where you’ll get to explore a lost city and make your way through many poisonous and/or deadly enemies. There are multiple hints of dragons, but they might appear in just the story or in the later DLC parts. Expect to get a simultaneous release on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on July 22nd 2014. The trailer below shows all three episodes, but focuses on the first installment for the Sunken King.

The second part is The Crown of the Old Iron King. In Dark Souls 2, you already face the Old Iron King who is a massive devil-like boss found in the Iron Keep. Once you get the Old Iron King soul and forge the special weapon from it, it gives a bit more information on the boss and states:

“Great hammer forged from the soul of the Old Iron King.
The tip is formed of molten rock.

The corpse of the Old Iron King became the vessel that bred Ichorous Earth.
The heavy rock tip is formed of cooled magma, with a still-smoldering core. Strong attack releases its inner power.

Effect: special attack (strong attack)”

The underlined section indicates that the boss was Ichorous Earth and not the Old Iron King himself. So this part of the DLC is more than likely going to delve into that story. This part of the story is releasing just a month past the first part on August 26th 2014. The final part of this trilogy is The Crown of the Ivory King and not much to be known other than it will feature some snowy terrain. Usually the environments in the Souls universe have been forests, dungeons,  and castles mostly. So a new environment that can house all sorts of new enemies (like hidden enemies in the snow!) will be a welcome sight. The last piece of the DLC is releasing September 24th 2014.

A lot of people are upset that they are releasing DLC after stating that the game would not have DLC and it will be a complete experience, especially since it will release only four months after initial release. I don’t believe story DLC is anything wrong, in fact I encourage it. Not only does it give me a reason to pick up a game I loved again after moving on, but it gives me a new story to learn about and care about (hopefully it will be a good story). I just hope that they pick a good price for the DLC and offer a complete package instead of individual sales only. Prepare to go beyond death once more next month.

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