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Using PS4 or Xbox One Controllers for PC

Xbox_One_controllerWe’ll start off with the Xbox One controller since that is the easiest, and most recently announced. Major Nelson, the Director of Programming for Xbox Live, debuted this information earlier today on June 5th on his blog site. The drivers will become part of a Windows OS update in the near future, but if you cannot wait for that or just want to be sure you get the right thing then follow these simple instructions. First off download the appropriate drivers for your system below. Next, just plug in your Xbox One controller with a micro USB cable into your PC and then it should recognize your controller automatically and you will begin being able to play your PC games with your Xbox One controller. As far as I know, it is only able to be played wired with a cable. I imagine at some point in time there will be another update or a way to use it as a wireless controller as well.

PC Drivers for Xbox One Controller (x86)

PC Drivers for Xbox One Controller (x64)

ps4-controllerMoving on towards the more complicated PS4 controller. This requires multiple installations of drivers and a couple of updates so be sure to follow the following steps closely. These steps are only for using your PS4 controller wired, if you wish to use it wirelessly then you need a bluetooth adapter and you must watch the video for the extra steps that are included. Of course, if you want to just watch a video tutorial of wired and wireless methods, then scroll to the bottom for a video created by Wiltshire Tutorials

  1. First off, you need to download the Driver package (it will include multiple OS options within the zipped folder).
  2. Once the file “SCP DS3 Driver Package(2)” is downloaded, you need to unzip the folder using your PC’s zip program such as WinZip or 7-Zip File Manager.
  3. Open up the folder “SCP DS3 Driver Package”.
  4. Install the files: “dotNetFx40_Full_setup”, “vcredist_x86”, “dxwebsetup”, and go into the folder “Xbox 360 Controller Drivers” and find your respective Windows OS and download that file.
    1. It is possible that you already have the latest versions of some of the files, and if that is the case then it will notify you and you do not have to download those respective files.
  5. Once that is done, extract the folder “ScpServer” and then open it twice to then open the folder labeled “bin”.
  6. Open the folder labeled “Zadig”.
  7. Run the program “zadig” as an administrator.
    1. It will not work properly if you do not run this as an administrator so please do so.
  8. Make sure your controller is connect by this point, if not earlier. Use a micro USB cable to connect it to the PC.
  9. Click on the “Device” tab at the top and select “Load Preset Device” and select the file “DualShock4.cfg”.
  10. Click on the “Options” tab at the top and select “List All Devices”.
  11. Open up the drop-down menu that appeared and select the device labeled “Wireless Controller” as this is your PS4 controller.
  12. Click the button that says “Replace Driver” and confirm that you want to do this.
  13. Go back to the “bin” folder and make sure that you right click (separately, not all at once) on the “Scp Driver”, “Scp Monitor”, and “Scp Service” and go into their properties and at the bottom under the “General” tab you will find the section for Security. Click on the button “Unblock” so that the drivers may install properly.
    1. When going through this the first time, I did not do this and it didn’t work for me. Please watch this video for extra support on completing this step.
  14. Run the application “Scp Driver” as an administrator and then uncheck the option for “Bluetooth driver” and ONLY check the option for “Force Install” if you are using Windows Vista/XP. If you are running Windows 7/8, then you should leave it unchecked.
  15. If everything was performed properly then it should work now, and feel free to check by opening “Scp Monitor” as well.

The method for the PS4 controller has confirmed to work for me, but the Xbox One controller has not yet been tested on my end. Although, with how simple it is and coming directly from Microsoft I imagine it will work just fine. Hope you enjoy this!


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