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Sony E3 2014

Ever since their departure from the Halo franchise, Bungie has begun showing an extra amount of favoritism for Sony. So naturally with such a big title, and it being E3 and all, Destiny starts of Sony’s conference with a little bit about the story. The Traveler came to Earth and created a golden age for humanity. Giving colonies on Mars and Venus and even making Mercury a garden world. It also ended up tripling the human lifespan. However, like most good things, comes at a price. The Traveler was followed by a great darkness and ended all of humanity essentially. You play as one of the heroes chosen to defeat the darkness once and for all and save humanity’s existence. An alpha version of the game is available this weekend on PS4 as long as you register online and you are one of the lucky few to get chosen. If you don’t make it in then don’t worry as you’ll get your chance to play the beta on Playstation systems beginning July 17th. This beta will be more complete and run for a longer period of time as well. No word on when it will be available on other systems though. If you haven’t picked up a PS4 yet and want to get Destiny as your first game, then you might want to hold off until September 9th when the game releases. There will be a new Glacier White system bundled with the game.

Nothing about The Order 1886 was discussed, but there was a trailer that gave some insight on some more of the story. The game itself features a dark and eerie setting as Galahad explores some sewers. He stumbles across this man being eaten by another man. Of course your first thought runs to zombie, and it definitely seems like it might be so… but then he goes and mutates into this big hulking beast that gives Galahad a run for his money. So something supernatural is going on that makes zombies turn into large mutants or something, I’m sure we’ll find out when we play the game February 20, 2015.

Entwined is a new indie game from Pixelopus tells the tale of two spirits that are always together, and yet forever apart. It kind of looks like an origami fish and bird as the two spirits in the game, and it has a very simple and elegant look to it. Even the controls are simple, as it is just controlled by your thumbsticks as you navigate through color coded markers in the level for each spirit to pass through. I believe the levels are your 9 lives, and by beating all the levels you bring these two souls closer together. The game is available today on the PS4 and PSVita for only $9.99.

Coming as a standalone DLC for inFAMOUS: Second Son is First Light. The trailer showed Fetch in cuffs with the DUP and I believe will detail her origin. Now as mentioned, this is standalone DLC meaning no disc required, but if you own the previous game they said you’ll get some bonuses as well. So maybe hold onto your copy of the game until the DLC releases in August of this year.

The biggest surprise of the night, considering there were no leaks about this at all, is in the form of the fun and loving Sackboy as he returns with new friends in Little Big Planet 3 later this holiday season. Sackboy will be getting new tools to use including the Pumpinator, which pumps air to move obstacles and generate power like a windmill possibly. Another new trick for Sackboy is the ability to climb mesh-like material in the level to gain access to higher grounds. There is a new added depth to the levels as well. Previously you had three lanes to explore, but from what I saw it looks like you’ll have three tiered sections to explore with three lanes each. Giving you all sorts of new ways to create levels. Now about those new friends of his, Toggle can switch between being really large or really small. He’s mainly used for being an added weight or gaining access to an area of the game with a small passageway. Oddsock is kind of like Sackboy’s pet dog… Oddsock’s abilities include wall jumping to get access to high up areas, and running really quickly to generate power like a hamster wheel. Sackboy’s final new friend is Swoop, who is a little sackbird that can fly around the level and will be able to actually pick up all the characters (except Toggle when he is in big mode). The game looks just as fun and silly as ever, complete with all of the previously user-generated levels, but with new and improved graphics as well.

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the newly appointed President of From Software, created the highly acclaimed Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls games and is on his way to direct the production of a brand new IP called Bloodborne. The game has obvious undertones from his previous games, giving dark and gruesome looking characters and environments, but hopefully with a bit of a new twist. Don’t expect this to be a Dark Souls 3 or even a spiritual successor to his previous games, because I believe this will be something familiar yet refreshing. You’ll actually get to used gun-type weapons in this entry in addition to the normal fantasy era weapons you’re accustomed to. Expect to play this exclusively on the PS4 in 2015.

Ubisoft introduced us to some more of the story to Far Cry 4, but Sony is showing off some pretty awesome first-person gameplay. It shows the character using a grappling hook to swing across platforms and even do some rock climbing. Shortly afterwards in the demo is showed you being able to place some C4 on an explosive barrel, kicking it off the ledge where some enemies were, and then detonating it for some explosive action. The game is packed with fast-paced action and an expansive world to explore. You’ll also be able to go from driving a stolen vehicle, to using a glide suit to navigate through mountains to get access to an enemy foothold. The multiplayer aspect of the game lets you get another player to seamless join your game and assist in taking out the enemy. In this instance, your friend had a gyro-copter that gave you aerial access to the enemy base. The elephants nearby started to destroy everything in their path once you starting shooting as well. Even saving your life at the end when it takes out a buggy with a mounted machine gun turret. The game looks like it will be a well-rounded first person shooter with lots of great story and gameplay to it, expect to play it in November of this year. If you happen to get it on the PS3/PS4 then you’ll get the ability to actually invite other players to join in your game without them even owning the game themselves. I imagine it will be limited access, I doubt they’ll let you play the entirety of the game without actually buying it. So if you have a group of friends who want to play this game you may consider just sharing the game or even letting them try it out by helping you as well.

Deep Silver is known for their amazing trailers for games, the original Dead Island was in slow-motion reverse and created an interesting tale of this vacation family. Dead Island 2 is still just as awesome in a forward moving trailer. Begins showing this jogger who is obviously bitten, but still jogs along anyway passing by other people who get mauled by zombies. Eventually the main guy gets smashed by a van with a couple of survivors after he slowly turned into a zombie himself. One of the guys jumps out of the van to steal the joggers shoes, which adds to the already humorous trailer. The game looks great and will be a light-hearted alternative to their other zombie game Dying Light. On Playstation, you’ll get an exclusive 30-day beta and a character class and level.

748488A couple of Sony exclusives were announced for some games, Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition gets exclusive clicker and other Last of Us enemies inside a special dungeon dedicated to the game. Announced earlier with the EA press conference, PS4 owners can currently gain access to the Battlefield Hardline beta (I’m currently working on my own article detailing my impressions with it). There will be a special collectors edition of Disney Infinity 2.0 exclusively for the PS3/PS4 which includes the Hulk character with it. Destiny will be getting unique weapons, ships, gear, and an exclusive competitive map with a full mission on Mars.

Paradox Interactive recently released Magicka Wizard Wars on the PC, but that doesn’t stop them from making another game. They’ve partnered with Playstation to bring Magicka 2 Learn to Spell Again! to PS4. The trailer is hilarious and fun to watch.

lb2-3655Tim Schafer sent Sony a letter pretending to be a 12/10 year old girl (sort of), only to announce that there will be a remastering of Grim Fandango only on the PS4/PSVita.

Devolver Digital also partners with Playstation to give console debuts of some of their games like: Broforce, a sidescrolling action game, Titan Scrolls, an old-school adventure game, Not-A-Hero, a classic sidescrolling shoot ’em up, Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number, which is well… hotline, and finally The Talos Principle, which looks like a first person puzzle game.

This is one of the more brutal games shown off at E3, with the trailer implying that you’ll be starting off with low gear and work your way up to deal more damage and get better armor by killing more people. Whether it be guns, hatchets, or even morning stars, you’ll be destroying other players to better yourself. The logo had a grim reaper on a skateboard, so it seems like it might be a little light hearted. The live action trailer has a very serious tone to it, so I guess we’ll have to wait to see more about Let it Die from Suda 51 that is exclusively for the PS4.

Giant Squid has people from those who did Journey, a top rated PS3 download title, and their first game is ABZU. ABZU means “to know water” and so the game takes place almost entirely under water. It looks like you’ll just be getting to roam around the water as this scuba diver who discovers some wonderous things under the sea. ABZU is going to be making a console debut on the PS4.

No Man’s Sky was shown off a few months ago and took many people by surprise, and still is captivating gamers everywhere. There was a slight scare for the company when there happened to be a flood in their area and the insurance would not reimburse them for damaged materials. However, they seem to be devoted to completing this game and they pushed through their troubles and made a prescene with Sony. The world is vibrant and full of so much life. The trailer shown has your character walking to his spaceship and just looking around at all the animals and wildlife roaming about and doing their business is a refreshing sight. There was an instance when a smaller group of animals fled when a much larger beast charged through the forest nearby causing a small stampede. You don’t see that kind of interaction between wildlife in games that often, and certainly not from a randomly generated planet. Every player gets their own unique planet when they begin their adventure and as more players join, the greater the opportunity to explore the game’s universe. Another unique feature to the game is a seamless transition from ground to space and even back down to a different planet. Sometimes, the most astounding games can be indie titles and I believe this game can capture the hearts of many.

youtube_logo_stacked-vfl225ZTxProject-Morpheus2Sony toned down the gaming for a bit to talk business. Announcing that Project Morpheus is being worked on by developers for use with the PS4 camera for games on the PS4. The President and CEO of Sony, Shawn Layden, did some talking about so new features and such coming to PS4. Including, the long anticipated implementation of YouTube support for the Share button. This will now allow you to directly upload your videos to your YouTube channel instead of uploading to a USB, then downloading to computer, then uploading to YouTube and making the necessary adjustments… instead you’ll be able to do it with a click of a single button later this year. Also there will soon be voice feedback from your viewers while streaming. This can go well, or really poorly… I imagine that some users will just want to troll streamers and yell random things or try to annoy the streamer, but there will probably be a mute option as well 🙂 . He also just touched on games like Kingdom Under Fire 2, Planetside 2, and Guns Up are coming as Free to Play on the PS4 in addition to their already (relatively) large line-up of free games. The Playstation Now service, which allows the ability to rent and buy games digitally from the vast catalog of PS3 and other Playstation titles, is finally hitting an open beta July 31st on the PS4 and later this year on PS3/PSVita and smart TVs. Playstation Now will give you access to over a hundred games at its launch as well.

81I0r2SmfLL._SL1500_Next up, Playstation TV which was previously announced for Japan, is now making its way west into North America and Europe later this year. It is releasing with a $99 price tag or a $139 bundle pack. The bundle pack includes a lot of great stuff for the price: an 8GB PSVita memory card, digital copy of The Lego Movie, and a PS3 Dualshock 3 Controller in addition to the device itself. Also something that is very noteworthy, is that Sony is actually reusing a memory format another platform! This is something that rarely ever happens and will be refreshing for previous Vita owners with their own memory cards already. With Playstation TV hooked up to a separate TV (from your PS4 that is), you’ll be able to play your PS4 games onto the device. So if you have your PS4 in a small room, but want a bunch of friends to come over and play then instead of moving your system, you can now just use Playstation TV to play in the other room. Not only will it allow you to stream PS4 games, but you’ll also be able to get access to Playstation Now with all sorts of Vita and PS3 titles available for you to play. Later on when Disney Infinity 2.0 releases, it will also be available to be played with Playstation TV and the PSVita. The Playstation Vita remains a key part of the Playstation brand; there will be multiple new releasing coming to the Vita like Tales of Hearts R, Child of Light, Tales from Borderlands, and a complete edition of Minecraft. I doubt Sony will abandon the handheld market any time soon, and honestly their device is extremely impressive and a great system. Only downside is for the older crowd to find time to play it in my opinion.

Ed Boon knows how to make an incredible fighting game. He breathed life into Mortal Kombat and worked his way all the way up to Injustice: Gods Among Us, and now returning to Mortal Kombat to amaze us once more. The new Mortal Kombat X is going next-gen and upping the ante with its brutality. The new X-Ray moves look totally crazy and painful. One involved Scorpion cracking the skull of Sub-Zero with his spears in the air, and then proceeding to slam him down to the ground head first to snap his neck. Of course they’ll just pop right up from that, but it is still brutal and awesome to watch. An aspect of using the environment for combat taken from Injustice is being added to MK X, and it looks like it will be a welcome thing. Mortal Kombat already used the level to some extent, but increasing the level at which you can interact with the environment adds to the immersion and creates a more unique fight each time. Some other new additions to MK X are the new characters: Cassie Cage, the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade with a similar move set, Torr/Ferra, Torr is a large creature with powerful moves with Ferra riding on his back for quick and ranged attacks, Kotal Kahn, probably in relation to Shao Kahn and no gameplay footage has been released for him, and finally D’Vorah, an insect-type character who can uses hidden legs to attack among other insect powers. I hope there are more new characters along with the return of many old favorites. An image of the game’s character selection had 24 slots available, but who knows if that is a final build or not. Oh and of course the fatalities are SUPER badass and gruesome.

powersTaking it slower again, Sony talked a little bit about their first original series for Playstation TV content, Powers. It is going to be a show based off of the comic Powers with co-creator Brian Bendis. Basically it is the story about a man who used to be a super hero and is now a detective that has to deal with other super heroes and villains in their cases. The point they are going for is how life might be like if we actually had people with powers in real life. The show will be releasing in November on Playstation with all PSN users getting the first episode for free and Playstation Plus members get the entire first season for free.

There was already a Ratchet and Clank movie announced to be in the works, and it still is looking good and will be an excellent family film. However, they slipped in a quick mention of a “re-imagined” Ratchet and Clank game releasing around the same time as the movie next year. Not it hasn’t truly been clarified, but the way it has been worded is that they are changing Ratchet’s origin story in the games to match the movie coming out. Now this doesn’t mean a reboot, just that the start of the game will be different. For all we know, the same events may occur after their meet up and it will be like nothing actually happened to the cannon. They’ve mentioned that the game is going to be shown this Fall, so expect your answers then and possibly only then. There were some quick announcements for the PS4 as well. Including the Last of Us Remastered release date as July 29th, and the long awaited introduction of Grand Theft Auto V coming to the PS4 (along with Xbox One and PC) this Fall. The biggest news with GTA V is that if you’ve already previously owned the game on the PS3 or Xbox 360 you can transfer your save from that system to the PS4 and resume with all of your current progress.

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain is looking to be an amazing entry into the MGS franchise and the trailer gets pretty emotional. Snake loses a close friend and rubs his ashes on his face while having a prosthetic left hand, and, oddly enough, a ponytail. I could describe the trailer, but to be honest you should just watch it for yourself and see how it looks for yourself.

With this being the final entry, Batman Arkham Knight needs to pull all of its punches to make this the sweetest farewell. So far it looks like the team at Rocksteady are doing just that. The new batsuit looks amazing, Gotham looks alive and just as gritty as ever, the villains are villainous, and that batmobile is freaking sweet too. The driving mechanics in the game look really solid, of course it won’t be like a Need for Speed or Grand Theft Auto experience, but riding around in that batmobile and switching to combat mode to take down some bad guys will be one hell of a satisfying experience. You’ll be able to drive in all four directions: forwards, backwards, left, and right. This allows you to better evade enemies and be quick on your feet wheels. Gliding from rooftop to rooftop looks incredibly satisfying as your cape ripples through the air and you sore into a kick to a criminal’s back. The takedowns and combos in the game look just as good as ever, if not more polished and impressive than before. Then during the gameplay, the video feed freaked out and acted like everything froze up. Then something awesome happened… Scarecrow appeared to talk shit to Batman and he looks like he’ll be a big player in the game. By getting Batman on the PS4, you’ll be giving yourself access to exclusive Scarecrow missions. The game did get pushed back to some time in 2015.

Right as the conference is approaching two hours and everyone is tired, Sony throws out one last trailer. Debuting Naughty Dog’s latest game, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The name itself implies that somebody is either going to retire or die. The trailer doesn’t show or tell us much, but it does shown a beaten Nathan Drake (maybe the took from Tomb Raider to show a beaten up main character) who came back to the “game” one last time. Drake looks a little bit older in this game, so I imagine there have been a handful of years that have passed by between the third entry and this one. He asked Sully to get back into the game one last time, and showing skeletons in hanging cages, one can only assume that you’ll be exploring some nifty pirate treasure. There have been a couple supernatural gameplay experiences in Uncharted before, so I wouldn’t put it past them if you have to fight skeletons or Blackbeard for that matter. The game looks really interesting and I can’t wait to see more about it. Currently the game is slated for 2015 (probably late in the year).


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