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DOOM Makes a Bloody Return

After years of no word on the next DOOM, id Software has finally shown off that bloody game of theirs. DOOM, along with id Software, paved the way for the first person shooter genre and have always excelled at delivering an awesome shooter experience. Their newest project is without exception. Id Software decided to unveil DOOM to their most loyal fans, the QuakeCon attendees, exclusively. So sorry, but I’m not able to share any pictures or video of the footage shown; however, I promise we’ll get it on the website as soon as we are allowed to. For now, enjoy the teaser if you haven’t already seen it. Or just watch it again, because why not?

If you notice, this is not being called DOOM 4 and instead this will be more of an origin story about the franchise. A similar approach was made by Tomb Raider. The development team is focusing on the roots of the franchise, like the fast-paced combat, blood and gore. To be honest, I’m glad to see a game like this again. Too many shooters lose sight on what made the genre fun; the adrenaline you get when you get tossed in a deathmatch with a group of people and you have to act quick or die. You’ll be dispatched with the UAC on Mars once again and take on the forces of hell as they kill the people inhabited there. The demons will all offer a unique fighting experience, whether that be how they behave while you are killing them or when they’re brutally killing you. Your method of destruction will be both ranged and melee weapons, some may be regular conventional weapons like a double barreled shotgun and others may be more futuristic. Regardless, they will deal a great amount of carnage. If you find yourself wanting a hand-to-hand showdown with hell, don’t worry because your probably more bad as than Chuck Norris as you’ll find yourself literally ripping the limbs and heads off demons. Now, the game itself will run at 1080p and 60fps on the consoles (coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC) and utilize the all new id Tech 6, informally known as the id Tech 666 since debuting on DOOM, which will be enhancing the graphics and gameplay even further from what you experienced with Wolfenstein: The New Order that used id Tech 5. The game will feature a full and immersive single player experience, but bring back the competitive multi-player that we all know and love with id games. More details to come later.

So now a run through of the things that I got to see in the actual demo! The HUD stays simple with a health in the bottom left and ammo counter in the bottom right. I did not notice an armor counter  like in the previous games, but it might not have been in this demo build. Your HUD is smart, in the aspect that it will visibly alert you when you see an enemy for the first time, it only popped up when he first encountered the enemy. It will also be giving you on screen commands on what to interact, if an item is health or ammo, and even if your enemy can be taken down via a special attack. Which those special takedowns are thoroughly pleasing. The ones I saw included: sliding into an enemy and then punching him into the ground, punching your hand in their abdomen and ripping out their insides, curb stomping a downed demon, jumping onto an enemy and smashing its head in, and so many more.

As the demo progressed and more demons appeared, I noticed that the enemies were also losing specific limbs that were being shot, and occasionally even their bodies ripped in half from the sheer force of the gun. I also noticed that as you kill enemies they will occasionally drop health and ammo, but don’t worry about looking around for the drop to pick it up, the drops will automatically find you. Later he encountered an area in which he needed a hand print to grant access to the next room, so obviously his option is to go to the dead scientist behind him and rip off his arm and just use that. Not every weapon is found the same way, but the double barreled shotgun was pried from the clutches of a dead man. Switching weapons will be different than previous entries and instead of just switching instantly, you’ll have to go into a weapon wheel and select your desired weapon. Time isn’t frozen when this happens so if you’re in a fight be quick, but it does at least slow down time. He was using a controller, but maybe the mouse/keyboard will have instant switching as well. To conclude part one of the demo, a jet pack wearing demon came up to you and ripped off your arms and beat you with both of them and finished you off with a swift punch to the face.

The second part was a little shorter, but got to show off being able to explore the surface of Mars to some degree. It isn’t open exploration, but you aren’t limited to only the inside facilities. While outside, he switched to his chainsaw and relentlessly chopped up these demons. Slicing them down the side or in half, and if one decides to block with their hands then they’ll have their hands cut off and then be sliced straight in half. The chainsaw right now looks a bit overpowered, but I imagine when you’re dealing with long range or hordes of enemies then I imagine it won’t be as useful, but if you’re low on ammo then it will definitely be a good alternative. As he progressed through this level, he came across a firefight in the distance. It was difficult to tell, but it looked like the demons were fighting each other. Nothing was commented on that, so it may have been humans… We’ll learn about the truth later on. That area was the end of the demo, but not without battling a couple tough enemies. First were just some normal enemies, but then some tougher demons came out and took multiple rocket hits and shots to be taken down. That wasn’t even the worst part of it though as a large and fat demon came out with guns for hands and took quite some time to kill. These larger enemies can be killed with a special takedown, and I recommend doing so as they’ll be refreshingly different from the other enemies. The demo concluded with the giant mech demon from the reveal trailer came out and got in your face and screamed at you.

Overall this game looks great and will pave the way for the revival of fast paced shooters in gaming. If you can’t wait to play some DOOM then check out Steam for some amazing sales on all the games. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the new DOOM. If you have any questions about the game, please ask in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.


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