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Gaining Access to Dark Souls 2: The Crown of the Sunken King

The first of the Lost Crowns trilogy DLC for Dark Souls 2 releases today across all platforms. If you’re a PC player, Steam has offered a discount bundle saving you $5 so if you think you’ll play all three packs then be sure to pick that up. Now if you’ve already beaten the game then there isn’t much for you to do; however, if you’ve done a New Game + or recently started, or perhaps you just haven’t gotten very far yet, then you’ll need to make sure that you meet a couple requirements before venturing out into the Necropolis of Shulva (the Sunken City). The area itself will contain a multitude of traps, new ruthless enemies, and of course a couple new bosses to slay. Watch the trailer for the DLC below:

The Dragon Talon item in inventory.

The Dragon Talon item in inventory.

Now if you want access through the entire DLC yourself, you must purchase the DLC. It is possible to play the DLC as a summon in another player’s world, but the extent of your play is undetermined at the moment. There is also a special challenge route that summoned players can experience as well. So once you start the game with the DLC purchased and downloaded, you’ll receive the Dragon Talon in your keys inventory. Now if you’re a player who likes to discover everything on your own, then stop reading now as I’m going to walk you through discovering the riddle on the item itself. When you look a the description for the Dragon Talon, it reads, “Legend has it that in the deepest reaches of the Black Gulch, behind a door locked from the inside, is a magnificent city built for a great sleeping dragon.” You can interpret for yourself that this implies you reaching the Black Gulch and going to the furthest reaches of it. It literally means go to the furthest part of the Black Gulch, which is the primal bonfire after you defeat The Rotten. So if you’ve already beat him, then great (if not then defeat him now and head towards the primal bonfire at the end of the area). Just go right to where the primal bonfire is and examine a well in the middle of four obelisks. Of course this wasn’t actually in the game before, they’ve added it in with the most recent patch (so you weren’t crazy and missed it during your playthrough). You’ll then be transported to an area with a large fire in the middle and a door on the opposite side. Just walk on over to the big door and as long as you still have the Dragon Talon in your possession, then you can get access to the DLC!


Lobby area before the door to Shulva.

The DLC itself will feature 3 new areas to go to: Shulva – Sanctum City, Dragon’s Sanctum, and Dragon’s Rest. You’ll encounter two new bosses and apparently a surprise special encounter. The level will have plenty of narrow pathways, so play it careful in engaging in melee and taking on more than one enemy at a time. You’ll also get access to a handful of new weapons and spells. While the weapons haven’t been detailed yet, you’ll find a spell named Focus Souls which is essentially a high powered laser beam of soul energy, and a miracle Denial which is supposed to save you from the edge of death. With each new DLC, I’ll be sure to post any updates. Best of luck in the new areas everyone and remember to always praise the sun!



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