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Gaining Access to Dark Souls 2: The Crown of the Sunken King

The first of the Lost Crowns trilogy DLC for Dark Souls 2 releases today across all platforms. If you’re a PC player, Steam has offered a discount bundle saving you $5 so if you think you’ll play all three packs then be sure to pick that up. Now if you’ve already beaten the game then … Continue reading


The newest company under Bethesda’s wing is Battlecry Studios making Battlecry. The game pits two factions, the Royal Marines and the Cossacks, against one another. I got some hands on time with this game at QuakeCon 2014, and it is the one game that I just want to keep going back to. It provides quick … Continue reading

DOOM Makes a Bloody Return

After years of no word on the next DOOM, id Software has finally shown off that bloody game of theirs. DOOM, along with id Software, paved the way for the first person shooter genre and have always excelled at delivering an awesome shooter experience. Their newest project is without exception. Id Software decided to unveil … Continue reading

Sony E3 2014

Ever since their departure from the Halo franchise, Bungie has begun showing an extra amount of favoritism for Sony. So naturally with such a big title, and it being E3 and all, Destiny starts of Sony’s conference with a little bit about the story. The Traveler came to Earth and created a golden age for … Continue reading

Nintendo E3 2014

With last year’s lackluster reception to their press conference, Nintendo desperately needs to regain its momentum and re-establish itself as a force to be reckoned with. This year’s conference was all about the games and showing everyone just how imaginative Nintendo games can be. Fun is the keyword for this conference as new, creative games … Continue reading

EA E3 2014

The conference begins in a galaxy far far away. Dice’s Star Wars: Battlefront opens the show with a brief dialogue from the games developers. To create a truly authentic and engaging Star Wars experience Dice visited the Lucasarts archives to recreate the models from the movies. It paid off as the Frostbite engine gives us … Continue reading

Microsoft E3 2014

This year needs to be about the games, and Microsoft certainly did so by making the entire conference about games. To lead this conference, the head of Xbox at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, takes the stage and begins thanking you, the fans, and everyone involved in the games. The first up is gameplay footage of Call … Continue reading

Using PS4 or Xbox One Controllers for PC

We’ll start off with the Xbox One controller since that is the easiest, and most recently announced. Major Nelson, the Director of Programming for Xbox Live, debuted this information earlier today on June 5th on his blog site. The drivers will become part of a Windows OS update in the near future, but if you … Continue reading

Dark Souls 2: The Lost Crowns DLC

While we don’t have an official review for Dark Souls 2, it is one of my favorite series and the game is absolutely amazing. I’ve spent plenty of time exploring Drangelic and getting to know the NPCs throughout the world and the ones you collect for Majula. The game released only three months ago on … Continue reading

Xbox One Removes Kinect

Surprising news today! Microsoft has officially removed the Kinect 2.0 sensor from the Xbox One to be sold separately. This news comes after Microsoft has repeatedly stated that they will not remove the Kinect from the Xbox One systems, but I imagine in light of seeing just how much the Xbox One is lagging behind … Continue reading

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